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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Current mood: jubilant

So, let's forget for a moment that I haven't updated this in ages and break the news.

I am going to friggin' LA for two weeks to compete in the prestigious World Championships of Performing Arts. Big thank you to Keri McInerny for spotting me. To be honest I'm absolutely terrified, but who knows, maybe something awesome will happen.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Elements: Parts I-III

Part I: guns ‘n’ roses

They never paint portraits

of flowers, unless said flower

happened to be growing out of the barrel

of a gun perched in the hands of a child.

Still, the seven men who care

took a poll amongst the staircases

bookshelves of doll faces and myriad

foes collected among the dreary, rain

drenched down the windows and found

to no one’s surprise,

that there are in fact only three kinds

of lies – the ones you tell, the ones you

know and the ones you leave behind.

peter piper lost a pack of

pickled gherkins, pickled onions are too

sour in fact to stomach, poor old pete

I guess this means dinner’s off

What the hell, let’s all go

into space, just to see if the world

really is a sepia as all the poets

claim it to be.

oh, one last thing

Can you hear me Major Tom?
Your signals weak, there’s something wrong

Major Tom, what kind of name

is Major Tom anyway?


Part II: booze dreams and drag queens


heart on page

no, wait

too messy

I’m a stone’s throw from a crow man,

hang the tin cans, one two three

haul them timbers boys I think this is gonna be

a big one.

I wonder if blood

comes out of paper?

Pump the veins, drain the brains

left, right, left, right

drunks down the centre

and me in the middle

with the out-of-work

unicorns and fat faeries.

What is your name?

one more drink and I won’t even remember that

down the hatch, around the corner

drown them timbers boys, here she comes

Did you read those letters?

tisket tasket, silk woven basket

did you ever find your heart

you fucking bastard?

Part III: vicarious victor (denouncement)

I’ve begun living vicariously through myself...

Maybe they’re right


I need to stop hiding and just

say it, y’know?

No roses, no guns, no hazy booze dreams,

no topsy turvy swirly wirly up the hill around the corner...

god, there I go again.

What am I trying to say?

Isn’t it obvious?

No, I guess not.

You all

didn’t get it

couldn’t understand

got lost

I can see it in your eyes.

You think I’m mad, don’t you?

sitting here, writing to impress

faceless masquerades and

people with names like “#1 Synth”.

I mean, I’m sorry

but what kind of name is “#1 Synth”?

I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

see what happens when

I just write?

I think I should kick this back

back into gear.

I think, therefore I know

therefore I am, therefore hitherto

unto us, unto You, Lord of love and hope

hope to God, clutch those straws, hurry

you’re drowning in sins, oh, sins sins sings songs

and what are songs but lies?

and we all know, there are only three types of lies

so who are you?

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Elements: Part IV-V

Part IV: dance, monkey, dance

we’ve had this date from the beginning...

We are the cigarette ash at the bottom

of the glass, the last drawn-out gasp.

You and I share a dream called life;

the curtain falls, the seats abandoned

long before the last lonely applause

rings out.

You’re so beautiful when you’re dying

so clapclapclap your hands and

stampstampstamp your feet.

The canary’s flown, the cage


hangs lonely above my head as

stars fall so gracefully.

And sometimes I wish I could take

what’s left of my bones, what’s left of my skin

and sew it together into something


something complete.

so dance, monkey, dance.

dance for the dead, dance for the living,

dance for that banana on a string,

the temptation drawing you forward.

Dance, monkey, dance

cause no one wants to dance alone.

Part V: this’ll be the day that I die

I watched the moon rise over santa rose airport

watched the silver rain down on the runway

I tasted paradise for seventeen minutes

now the rest of my life is pain.

I wrestled sunshine from the bottom of a glass

I drained the last of my life through the flask now broken on the floor,

crank the volume, draw the curtains

the circus is leaving town.

and the three men that I admire the most

are eating scrambled eggs and charcoaled toast

they’re burning down the Sunday roast in the park

as the children all scream, they’re life is a dream.

Saturday sun drips down through my skin

Sunday night is hitting me hard

Monday runs a knife in the back of my brain

Tuesday’s got me by the arm again.

Wednesday I go out drinking

Thursday drains the last of the life from my veins

Come Friday I’ll be writing the last of the lines on the wall,

quote after quote I will scream:

“Farewell, American Dream

Turns out your not as strong as you seem

and they’re sharing a toast in heaven tonight

over the falling of the last great Age

Drove my chevy to the end of the road, stalled the engine

the cliff never saw it coming.

And as the last of the stars bid adieu to the night, I’ll say:

This will be the day that I die.”

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Friday, October 17, 2008

NO, He's Not Dead

Current mood: jubilant

Hey, guys, its been over 6 months since I last posted a blog, whichI find nearly impossible to believe. So to all of you who thought I had died, I'm very much alive. To those who thought I'd left you for a better site, you too are wrong. I just finally got a life and found it was taking up a lot of my time. But I've taken time off from my life to communicate with you lovely virtual people.

So, what's been happening, I hear you ask. Well, sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee and I'll fill you in.

First and foremost, I have fallen in love (awww! just thought I'd say it so noone else had to). We've been going out for almost three months now, but there's something incredibly special about this person. I could easily see mself spending the rest of my fucked-up, miserable life with her. And fortunately, she feels the same way. She's my first, and before everyone starts flaming, let me explain. I'm a very sentimental bloke (awww) who believe in stuff like true loves, soul mates, blah blah blah (aww) and I didn't see the point of going out with someone just for the sake of going out with someone.

Apart from that, I've been busy working away on my albums. I have finished two now, both will soon be available for download off of my MySpace. Only for a limited time though, then you'll have to pay for them. Sorry, but I'm borderine broke and where in an economic crisis over here.

So, that's the last six months in a nutshell. I'll try to keep you updated more often. Till the next time, keep on rocking and ta ta:D :wavey:
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Friday, April 11, 2008

1 Ghosts I tab

Current mood: blah

Hey huys, i did a GP tab for 1 Ghosts I off the new NIN album, but UG rejected it :(. Anyways, if anyone is interested in it, I still have the tab. Just PM me and I''ll send it over. It's a very cool song, great piano. Good for background music if yr playing somewhere. :cheers:
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Best Concert Ever Part 2, The Aftermath

Current mood: ecstatic

Ooh boy, where to start? Friday, Feb 1, 1:00, and we begin the 4 hour long car trip from Hervey Bay to Brisbane, listening to old Creedance tapes because our CD Player is fucked. Anyway, won't bore you with the car trip. Get to Brissie about 5-ish and begin our long search for food. Get food, back in line about quarter to six. Gates open: 6:00! Very excited. 6:00 - nothing. Nada. 50 minutes later, finally, the gates open. Boy were we all pissed off. Anyway, get in and get good spot. First set, fantastic. Constant Motion, Surrounded, Dark Eternal Night, Forsakenand As I Am. 15 minute interval. Buy shirt and drink. Aching all over. Second set, fantastic again. 1928 Overture, Strange Deja Vu, Through Her Eyes, Fatal Tragedy, I Walk Beside You, Spirit Carries On, (A song I didn't know), Pull Me Under and then a medley for the encore. All in all, a ripper of a show. Pics uploaded on my profile.:D:wtf:
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Friday, January 25, 2008

The best concert ever!

Current mood: ecstatic

Next Friday, i'm going to see...drum roll...Dream Theater:headbang:on their first ever Australian tour. Their doing an open-air concert at the Riverside stage in Brisbane and I've got Gold Tickets!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:I'm so excited I think I'm going to explode.
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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Current mood: ecstatic

I have my new amp:wtf::D! I bought it yesterday and it is absolutely be-a-utiful! The sound is fantastic and I can get almost any sound I want out of it, from deep, rich cleans to thick metal distortion and everything in between.
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Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Day In The Life

Current mood: cheerful

Recovering from Christmas...Got everything I wanted. Unfortunately, I wanted lots of electronic stuff and unfortunately, nearly all of them didn't work. I happened to get the last Guitar Hero II in Australia, and the remote didn't work. So thankfully I found one online. Phew! I got the computer program that goes with my guitar, but that doesn't work either. I'm waiting to get a hold of the local Line 6 guy and hopefully he can fix it. But apart from that, all is good. I got my firstmobile, as well as a new CD player.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Concert, whoo-hoo

Current mood: excited

I'm going to see Xavier Rudd at the Moncrieff Theater in Bunderberg on the 5th of December and I'm really excited:wtf:. Xavier is really awesome and his music is really cool. Fortune Teller, Let It Be and No Woman, No Cry are my favs.
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