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Thursday, September 22, 2011

TOP TEN Reasons that Adrian Belew is the most awes

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So, I’ve come to realize the most amazing guitarist ever is Adrian Belew and that there are facts that back this up.  I will list the TOP TEN reasons why Adrian Belew is the most awesome guitarist ever:


10-  Adrian Belew has worked with everyone.  Literally.  Everyone.  Adrian Belew has worked with NIN, Tori Amos, William Shatner, David Bowie and Paul Simon to name just a very few.


9-  Adrian Belew was a member of Talking Heads for a while, and the only reason he didn’t take over as the frontman and get Byrne kicked out is because he said no.


8-  Adrian Belew started a side project with some members of Talking Heads called The Tom Tom Club and when they started being petty and ripping off his songs he didn’t sue them and start drama, he just left and said I got better stuff to do than to play with you chumps.


7-  Adrian has produced and played on 3 different Mexican rock bands which is just weird enough to be cool.


6-  Adrian was one of the first guitarists to ever use a guitar synthesizer on a regular basis on albums and in concert and furthered the art of guitar in the process.


5- Adrian wrote the most awesome King Crimson lyrics ever from the album Elektrik, which include the songs ‘ProzaKc Blues’, ‘Facts of Life’ and ‘The World is My Oyster Soup Kitchen Floor Wax Museum’.


4-  Adrian has managed to release 16 studio albums while also collaborating with everyone and being a part of like half a dozen bands.


3-  Adrian has possibly the most amazing signature guitar ever made – the Adrian Belew Signature Parker Fly which has variax and MIDI compatibility, a sustainiac pickup and weighs under 5 pounds.


2-  Adrian Belew has worked for both Robert Fripp and Frank Zappa, who are two of the most insane mad scientist guitarists ever.


1-  Adrian Belew manages to make his guitar solos sound like animals, machines, insects or like he is in a fistfight with his guitar.  Often, his solos manage to be both extremely abrasive and expressive at the same time.


And really, the most amazing thing about Adrian Belew is that he looks like a raving lunatic when he is on a stage and he doesn’t seem to care about anything except making music.

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