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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Phone Call

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It was 9:10 pm when he got that phone call. He recently don't pick any phone call, tryin to avoid things that would make him get some bottles. I hate when that happens. Well I guess he'll take this one.
A half smoked cigar, a cup of coffee, low whispering wind blew from the window, and so he got into conversation with her on phone.
He set it on loudspeaker. It started quite well when they first talked about how each other been goin. She must be the one he has been tryin to avoid lately. He didn't talk too much, just answering questions, didn't asking any.
Hour after hour, sorrow gettin clearly pictured on his face, a tired face, eye glassed, deep breathe, a short and low spoken words sometimes heard out of his mouth, another deep breathe, this one followed with some tears. Why cryin? What is happenin? What's goin on with you? Can't take it when this happenin.
Then the conversation was end. He looked messed, the phone was hung off. Emotional disorder in his mind, graved lookin, face downed, red eyes, hand on his forehead, sadness and anger sorrowed his face. Many unspoken words, unanswered questions, and then this silent words came out of his mouth I can't hear it clearly. He said, "I can't give her what he can.."
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Preid wrote on Oct 30th, 2008 2:22am

Not a bad set of words there.


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