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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's important when everyone can share.

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    A friend gave it to me since I've been working things on tabs, in this occasion, GuitarPro, an advise that brings me in UG. It was..I don't know..a year ago I suppose. We've done a lot of things with music, we watch videos, share MP3s, we play band things, we jams, we tried to compose, etc, etc,... it's been fun.
    But, as a matter of fact, there's something we need to do. We keep on searching what can we do about what we can do? It's feel like there's something missing.
    In searching of which, finally, we agreed that it's been a pleasure moment when we play music. But we can't just play and play along without having anyone to share with. We need to share, right? That's what music is about.
    I think it feels great when you can share with others, everyone can do something, anything is worth for trying. Don't be shame, just do what you are capable of, and share it with others.
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