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Saturday, July 21, 2012


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Chilling warmth radiates from the sun,
Summer happily creeps to this winter day.

Grace of birds
songs fly through
the air gently.
Trees dance in
the zephyr of
your curious day.
Walking above the
dark cold water,
eyes are shut.

Twisting roots of natures trees greet,
her feet providing a steady foothold.

Eyes of fire,
hair radiates light,
touch of zephyrs.
Anticipation will prepare
this man for
her warm arrival.
She is not
here yet, the
Summer will come.


A Warm sun rises,
It's rays gently fall.
The ever radiant light
Brings warmth to my soul.

Two pools of ivory,
Two islands of sapphire
Placed in perfect asymmetry
Among the calm hills.

Pillars carved from stone
Support the beautiful tower
From which grace flows
Like a still dance.


I wake up to this.
Cold winter mourning.
And I step outside
With my guitar.

The chill does bite
At my hands and feet
But ignoring this
I still play.

To the melody of
A life once lost
The nickel-wooden voice
Through morning carries on.
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