Schecter: C-1 Blackjack

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Schecter C1 Blackjack

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Schecter C1 BlackjackSchecter C1 Blackjack
Ryu89 wrote on May 15th, 2009 11:23pm

sweet guitar man! I wouldn't mind one of those! would it be simmilar to a stratocaster in terms of playability do you think>?


juckfusha wrote on Jan 8th, 2010 12:53am

FUUU- extremely late reply ahead :haha: I never check these comments!

If you're still interested, I moved from a Squier strat to this, and the transition wasn't difficult at all. The neck's fairly narrow, but has a wee bit of depth. In terms of the shape of the neck, the lower end is rounded to better suit chordal playing, but ends up getting a lot flatter higher up to better accommodate lead playing.

The action's supposed to be similar to a stratocaster - setting the action too low won't necessarily cause buzzing, but I'm having troubles bending on the high E, or past the 17th fret on the B string, due to the fret's choking the string (they aren't the tallest frets, so a medium action is probably best suited). Alternatively, some fine grade sandpaper to the problem areas can solve this.

Anyway, /extremely-late-gear-plug-in. But I guess anyone who sees this in the future can get some insight!


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