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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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If any of you have any problems that you need help with then just drop me a line and ill try and help. 
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Kurt1964 wrote on Feb 26th, 2009 6:24pm

Well for the past couple of weeks now, my girl friend has been "claiming" she's been going to an exersise class every night. And every night, at around 7:30, she leaves the apartment, walks down the stairs, crosses the alley, rounds the corner and waits for the bus. And at around 10:30 every night, I hear a car door slam, and 30 seconds later she's in the apartment. And like I said, this has been going on for weeks now!

So last night, at around 10:25, I went down to the alley way, where I park my motorcycle. I hid behind it (noticed that my head gasket was leaking, sux), and waited for her to arrive. And sure enough, like clockwork, at 10:30, I hear a car door slam, and a few seconds later my girlfriend ran past the alley, up the stairs, and into the apartment.

So my question is this: Is the head gasket on my motorcycle covered by the factory warranty? Or is this something that I've got to fix on my own?


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