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srbeausoleil wrote on May 12th, 2017 1:55pm

For a second I thought CHARLIE HARPER had rated my thanks so much. for looking. hoped it helped


YNWA182 wrote on Dec 15th, 2016 2:01am

Thanks for the rating!


Neckwringer wrote on Apr 2nd, 2015 6:55am

Thanks for rating my 'Al Green - Let's Stay Together' Powertab. :)


Thrill-house wrote on May 20th, 2010 5:42am

jonathanonfire wrote on May 19th, 2010 at 9:43pm :
thrillhouse = milhouses name in the video game bonestorm (from the simpsons)? oh plz yes
Haha you got it, I'm a huge Simpsons fan.


ePOWsa wrote on May 13th, 2010 9:50pm

I also have to say that the fact that you like the bled give you ten extra awesome points


ePOWsa wrote on May 13th, 2010 7:20pm

I finally got a new profile pic!!! and yours looks lovely by the way :D


TheMidasTouch wrote on Apr 23rd, 2010 4:57am

We had to read it for Literature class. But I detested it, so she let me read A Separate Peace instead, I recommend it


TheMidasTouch wrote on Apr 17th, 2010 2:05am

I couldnt read Catcher in the Rye.

I dont like it


Press_reset wrote on Jan 28th, 2010 2:52am

Damn, man. I wanna get my contributions up into your level!


a_n00berthon wrote on Jan 15th, 2010 3:19pm

Dude, please try and tab Whitechapel - Daemon (The Procreated). It would mean the world to me <3


ePOWsa wrote on Jan 6th, 2010 12:07am

lovin' the profile pic :)


em!ly wrote on Dec 27th, 2009 1:52pm

just wanted to say your dp is sweet , and you have great taste in movies :D


tokiohotelluvr wrote on Dec 26th, 2009 11:35pm

Lol Sorry i didn't relply to that sooner, and it wasn't an insult you do look like him lol
That is a compliment :)


tokiohotelluvr wrote on Nov 27th, 2009 2:26am

Haha you kinda look like the dude from Twilight lol
No Offense or anything... from most girls that would be a compliment lol
but im not a big fan of twilight...
(ok that was very Random....)


bloodrunk wrote on Oct 1st, 2009 2:43am

im lurking your page again haha


bloodrunk wrote on Aug 10th, 2009 4:55am

hey man hows it goin with into the ashes?

im soo excited to finally learn it haha i suck at learning difficult shit like that by ear

best wishes ,


rosamamosa wrote on Aug 5th, 2009 4:29pm

jonathanonfire wrote on Aug 4th, 2009 at 9:49pm :
blasphemous. stop taking my lines, woman. christopher walken is damn attractive though. classy mofo.

agreed. his class is what draws him to me. actually, it's a close second to his glorious ass.


ironmaidengirl3 wrote on Aug 1st, 2009 9:26pm

jonathanonfire wrote on Aug 1st, 2009 at 9:21am :
joe dirt was great... he's my hero. my friend kinda looks like him. hah. i got the poo on me...

Hahaha I was just qouting that line yesterday because my friend was walking on the grass and stepped in a pile of poo....


TheMidasTouch wrote on Jul 30th, 2009 8:02pm


This is Raju Patel. He's Indian. Post him on everyone's profiles to help him gain world domination. Don't forget to underline the "*".


ironmaidengirl3 wrote on Jul 29th, 2009 5:23am

jonathanonfire wrote on Jul 28th, 2009 at 6:23pm :
WONDERFUL! +39 cool points. i actually saw the mighty boosh at this "myspace secret show" in nyc here. it was great! i nearly got raped by a man in a bunny suit. good times.

Hahaha that you had a great time. Haha.


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