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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crazy new guitar idea of the week 10/29/08

Current mood: optimistic

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I've always wanted a strat and I think I came across a winning formula this morning. I'm thinking I will start with a plain-jane, basic fat strat, Arctic white with maple fretboard.
Pickups will be an SD Stag mag in the bridge position, and an SD Vintage rails in the neck position. I figure I'll order a custom pickguard from Warmoth or another supplier to eliminate the middle pickup altogether.
The 5-way selector will be replaced with a 3-way, and the tone knobs will be replaced with dual 5-way rotary switches. I never use tone knobs and the added output will be enjoyed.
The 5-way rotaries will give me 5 different options per pickup and when they're both on, I count 25 possible combinations. Sure its not 100% practical but it should be a helluva lot of fun.
I could probably finance the whole project by trading in my SC and M-II too. That would kill 2 birds with one stone though it would still leave me looking for money to pay off the Donais, though I hear we may get a second round of stimulus this year...
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