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Friday, October 10, 2008

2 mp3s up...

Current mood: geeky

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"Work in progress" is just that. It was a simple note based idea I had that seemed to work well with an ebow (Unbelievable how hard it is to finger notes without using a pick, evident by some of my sloppiness). My buddy and I just kinda put it together in one take and it needs lots of work. Hopefully we'll get it in better shape in the coming weeks.
"b flat" is also kind of rough around the edges, but is much more of a complete idea than WIP. This was just a doodle coerced by my buddy Rob that turned into something pretty cool. Its nothing complicated but I find it to be rather effective. Pretty cool 5-string bass work at the end.
I did all of the guitar and bass on both (Save for one part in b flat that Rob added) and Rob added loops, sample and effects. The amp (A Stiletto Combo) was not mine and I did NOT adjust any of the settings on said amp.
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