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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Stupid wall hanger...

Current mood: aggravated

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So I bought a Hercules Hanger a few days ago. Found just the right place to put it to so I'd hit a stud for maximum strength.
So I drill a 1/16" pilot hole, go to tighten the screw and it won't go all the way. I didn't drill deep enough the first time. f--k.
So I take it apart, re-drill a deeper hole, and now the screw won't go in as far as it did the first time :(
The heads are now stripped and will only allow me to remove the screws now, and I've installed the screws twice, more than likely reducing the total grip available from the stud.
Now I need an extra long drill bit and even longer screws to ensure that its going to stay put.
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