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Monday, July 21, 2008

So I played this weekend...

Current mood: relieved

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Local bar with my old band, nothing major I suppose. There were about 150 people there and it was a farewell show for their current guitar player, who just so happened  to be a former bass player of the same band when I was a part of it.
So, they asked me to come play some old tunes and covers. It was great, the SC607 got a proper live break-in. I only brought my guitar and played through my buddy Rob's (Said band's singer/guitar) Stiletto Ace Combo. That thing is mean. So simple but what a great sound.
I don't know why, but I'm so much more focused and just better when I play live. Maybe its adrenaline, but I played for about 45 minutes, in a 100+ degree bar, at midnight after being awake for 18 hours, and my practice routine these days is pretty minimal.
I should've been a mess but I didn't miss a beat or a note and a lot of the songs we played weren't meant to be played on a 7-string (For whom the bell tolls, We Die Young, etc... Most of the originals were in drop-D to boot).
It was a good night but boy do I wish I was a solid member of that band again. So fun to play with those guys :(
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