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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't you just love it when...

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you find a tone you love!
although now id say my main guitar is my jazzmaster, i just decided to have a little play of my hutchins 'Regal' into my AC30, in open G for a bit of slide with dirt from my big muff tone wicker, inspired by some videos of jack white and scenes from this might get loud. I found myself instead playing clean, and upon stepping on my keeley blues driver, with my middle pickup selected, found a sexyful, creamalicious and altogether fat lead tone.

Amp set o top boost input, standard setting, gain between 1 & 2 o'clock, treble between 10 &11, bass just a little over 1. On top of that i had the built in spring reverb, on the high drive setting, tone a little off midway, and chose to back off the mix a little to avoid muddiness when combined with the OD, so its around 10. The tone cut a little less that 3, and master volume to the desired level
The blues driver is set at volume 10ish, gain around 1, maybe a lil more and tone at 9, no bass boost. A lil bit of the amp's built in tremolo then adds to the sound, bootiful...

Now the moral of the story, to anyone that bothered reading this self indulgent talk of my musical endeavors, experiment. Even if you feel that one of your guitars is your pride and joy, go back to your old one, or your even older one. Try out something new, tunings, techniques, tones, configurations, genres, and you might have a pleasant surprise. However, guitar experimentation may have downsides, im looking at you 'lil wayne,' i have reason to believe that isn't even your real name!

gooday and much love
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