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Monday, July 20, 2009

Reasons to jizz my pants: Brand New- Daisy

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I am eagerly awaiting the new album from Brand New, Daisy, as it is currently called, previously And One Hea Will Never Die. Oh you boys...
So, it's due here september 21st, one day before the US release nwahaha. after seeing them live a few weeks ago i have become hooked once more, like some junkie who re-discovers his poison months after finding peace away from chemical dependency.

 First when i heard that live recording of the song known as 'brickhouse' or 'bride' i felt the potential, and hearing live versions such as this just get me so excited:

Then there is Gasoline, a song written by vinnie, and i've become obsessed with this acoustic version:
and some classice Jesse banter here, gotta love him!
one of my (totally hetero) man crushes... along with Jonny Greenwood... and Adam Lazarra... and you might have thought my girlfriend would be worried by now...

But seeing it live full band i didnt recognise it! sounded pretty fast and upbeat, with a slight feeling of early Brand New, YFW era stylee almost (but i cant remember it well)

and now a slower one, as Jesse puts it, and i frickin love it!

This is probably the most anticipated album in my lifetime so far, it's a shame he's said they might split up after it. But there is hope of a Jesse Lacey solo album, and hopefully some other side projects from the rest of the band, and a reunion in a few years!

Now with an inspirational quote to finish:
"Sometimes you can't write a chord ugly enough so you have to stuff a girrafe with whipped cream" ~ Frank Zappa

imagine ending a blog like that...
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