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Friday, July 17, 2009

Yes, i'm chit-shating

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well here i am, blogging, i thought i'd give it a try, if only to fill my 'profile completeness bar.' still holding on that 39%! so atleast its higher then my upcoming exam results will be, that was a bad june, not cos of exams totally, but because my 18th birthday happened to be during said exams, and now i wait 'til august for the results, oh joy, but let us not get bogged down here!

now i feel my subject for this blog should relate to guitars, so i shall talk about my new found love for my rather sexy Blackstar HT-5 amp.

[IMG]http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u190/jayba ls/IMG_0135.jpg[/IMG]

 It's a nice lil amp i got for my birthday so i had a smaller amp to talk to university with me, and ive finally found a tone on it i frickin love! i get great crunch on the bridge pickup, and cool smooth sounds on the neck/bridge selection, great for lead stuff, and finally getting me closer to that tone for playing along to coheed! thus saving me from making yet another thread with which to annoy people!

i love the overdrive channel on this amp, however the clean leaves something to be desired (then again i am used to the sparkly cleans of the AC30 [jizz]) and if i ever do get back my chorus pedal from the shop that sent it off to fix it, then thre may be hope for nice cleans finally!

now that brings me to another subject, that bloody chorus pedal! it was a Marshall Supervibe, pretty good chorus, quite cheap, versatile and i think it might even be analogue, which is extra extra sweet! yet last march think, it broke, and i needed to get it repaired. now, my first gig EVER was taking place at school in the middle of april, and we were getting ready to cover smells like teen spirit for it, so a chorus would have been rather helpful. so i took it to the shop in the famous denmark street in london as i didnt have the receipt, so i thought id take to the shop, explain my situation and theyd be able to send it off to marshall for repair. SIMPLE!. and it seemed to go as planned, they said 'it should take two weeks.' awesome i thought, in time for my gig! but no, it kept taking its time, luckily i invested in a delay pedal in the time it was broken as GAS got the best of me, and so that could give me a spacey/echo-y tone instead of the chorus during SLTS. ive been phoning them regularly, and they been telling me they've been chasing it down, but now they got so annoyed with marshall that they cant be bothered to deal with them anymore, so they are replacing it with a new one from one of thier other shops! i jst gotta wait for that to come in now, blehhhh.

well, ive walked off the beaten track! as i was trying to say, the clean still isnt toooo bad for a small practise amp, and the overdrive makes up for it, luckily i can roll off the guitar's volume and switch to coil tap for a cleaner sound shoul i choose!

well this is a boring little blog/review... hmm maybe i should review it. maybe i should review the supervibe and give it A POOR RELIABILITY AND SUPPORT SCORE! NWAHAHA... or maybe i should sleep and stop being a whiny lil bitch...

yeh i'll choose the latter option


that is all, jay
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jaybalsa wrote on Jul 16th, 2009 10:32pm

dammit, picture post did'nt work

AND ONLY 1% MORE? dammit...


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