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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Current mood: bouncy

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I hope everyone is enjoying life. I just released a new ROCKER,
"pushers takers thieves (changing direction)"! Streaming from my mind to yours.


I am no longer going to send mp3 file attachments. IF you would like ANY of my mp3, FREE, just ask. I am for sell on I-tunes and over 500 other sites if you feel like supporting what I do. I am still top seller on many sites, help keep me there. If you would like one of my limited edition CD's (free!),  let me know. THOSE that have already requested a cd, they are on the way! It has taken me a bit longer personalizing the cd's than I thought. Whatever I do creatively works on its own time-line. I have learned to just get out of the way and let what wants to be created, create.

NEW VIDEO UP! My friend, sound engineer and now video producer just finished up making my new video for "living 2 fly"!
Everything music has brought to me has been amazing and to have people create from my music blows my mind. Razor sent me the idea and we chose "living 2 fly" as an instrumental. It evolved from there. We CO-WROTE the lyrics together and RAZOR produced the video. The video speaks for itself and gets better the more it is watched. ENJOY!


As always I enjoy reading ALL comments.


Let me know if you would like to add anyone to my mailing list.

If you have any new sites you have found let me know! I have found some excellent new sites!
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Mechaghostman2 wrote on Feb 15th, 2011 6:20am

reverbnation.com is an awesome site.


razoredge audio wrote on Feb 16th, 2011 6:48am

now that you got the new vid up.i just wanted to give everyone a little
"backstage f.y.i."
we used actual xrays, m.r.i.'s and sonograms in the vid,from my recent hospital visit. the nurses were HOT, the bedpans were cold,and the food was crummy.the final hospital bill came up to a little over 75,000 dollars,but we got to make the vid for FREE!!!one of my friends here in phx,matt also contributed his xrays,from when he broke his hip in a motorcycle accident.although the cost of his visit is unknown,i am sure it was just as costly as my visit or more and a lot more painful. this is my first attempt at making a vid and neither of us had anykind of vid camera or knowledge of how to make a vid,i think me and jason together made something kinda cool and hopefully entertaining for you.thanks jason i had a great time and got to learn some new things.stop in and check out jasons fan club


jasonggabbotta wrote on Feb 16th, 2011 3:53pm



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