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Saturday, August 31, 2013

LONG time, TOO long!

Current mood: happy

It has been way too long since I posted a blog

here. UG was my first social music site and

it has done for me and my music more than I

could write here. I ventured away from UG and

got lost in the endless sea of social music sites.

I will be back to tell you about my adventures

in music land, including NEW SONGS and an

upcoming 3rd album from me.

I have missed YOU ALL very much and will be

listening to your music again soon.



p.s. Nice to see UG hasn't changed too much.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Current mood: bouncy

I hope everyone is enjoying life. I just released a new ROCKER,
"pushers takers thieves (changing direction)"! Streaming from my mind to yours.


I am no longer going to send mp3 file attachments. IF you would like ANY of my mp3, FREE, just ask. I am for sell on I-tunes and over 500 other sites if you feel like supporting what I do. I am still top seller on many sites, help keep me there. If you would like one of my limited edition CD's (free!), let me know. THOSE that have already requested a cd, they are on the way! It has taken me a bit longer personalizing the cd's than I thought. Whatever I do creatively works on its own time-line. I have learned to just get out of the way and let what wants to be created, create.

NEW VIDEO UP! My friend, sound engineer and now video producer just finished up making my new video for "living 2 fly"!
Everything music has brought to me has been amazing and to have people create from my music blows my mind. Razor sent me the idea and we chose "living 2 fly" as an instrumental. It evolved from there. We CO-WROTE the lyrics together and RAZOR produced the video. The video speaks for itself and gets better the more it is watched. ENJOY!


As always I enjoy reading ALL comments.


Let me know if you would like to add anyone to my mailing list.

If you have any new sites you have found let me know! I have found some excellent new sites!
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Friday, January 14, 2011

"dream 'n drool"

Current mood: cheerful

I hope all you kick a$$ UG artists and fans are doing as great as I am this NEW YEAR! I want you all to know how much YOUR support has meant to me. YOU have helped create what my music has become!

My first album, "experiment with life" is still a top seller on many download sells sites! Just being able to create and share is really the dream for me and I am living it.

My new, and first of the new year is up!

"dream 'n drool"
http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/jasonggabbott/m usic/play943232

"dream 'n drool"

copyright 2011 c JASONGGABBOTT music & lyrics

so you're a DRUG addict

does that make you cool?

when you sleep at night

do you dream 'n drool?

can't keep still

arms moving

nothing seems real

doing nothing can ONLY KILL

NO emotions

YOU can't feel

chemicals in CONTROL


know your ROLL

so you're a DRUG addict?

does that make YOU COOL?

when you sleep at night do you dream 'n drool?

can't keep still

arms moving

nothing seems REAL

doing nothing can only KILL


you can't FEEL

CHEMICALS in control

know your roll

don't be afraid of the outside

who's inside is YOUR ENEMY

more is all you will WANT or NEED

can't PISS

can't breathe

CAN'T breathe

TIME passes US by


still wondering why...

"dream 'n drool"

copyright 2011 c JASONGGABBOTT music & lyrics

Thank YOU again for supporting me and other independent artists around the world!


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Monday, November 22, 2010


Current mood: excited

Just found out my new album, "experiment with life" is one of the top sellers on
here is the link.


DON'T mean to toot my own horn, but I wanted my fans to feel a bit of what I am feeling.
At this stage in my music, any little thing is VERY exciting.
Thank you all for your support,
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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Current mood: shocked

Ultimate Guitar just lost one of it's loved members.
David Howland a.k.a. ElderPlayer passed away. Heaven just gained a wonderful musician! He will have access to all the guitars there are and all the musicians that ever lived. Please visit his page and leave a message.


Hug the ones you love and make sure they know you LOVE THEM.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

New amp kick a$$!

Current mood: artistic

Why did I wait so long? With everything that has to do with my music, it comes when it comes. Something other than me is also in control of the direction my music takes and the time-line. I try not to ask too many questions of the music gods.
Well today I was out getting an eye exam, contacts and glasses. Spending too much money, but happy I have received the work to pay for these expenses. INSURANCE IS A SCAM! BUT we all know this and nothing changes.
I had to make a stop at the local "Music GO-AROUND" of course. I got my Schecter there and I am happy with there service and location. I played a bunch of amps! Funny thing is the ones I thought I would love weren't that great! I fell in love with a "MARSHAL", but after thinking about the price I decided to get one later. I played through a 100 watt amp for the first time, fairly loud! I rattled the store!
After about an hour I narrowed my search! I ended up with the one I thought I wanted when I first saw it. A Chanute, Kansas BUILT! '78 (I think) "KUSTOM" 35 watt 12 inch speaker amp! It sounds so sweet clean and my DIGITECH RP155 sounds so bad a$$ pluged into it! I rocked the apartment, and didn't care! Now that it is a little later I am playing real low with my ear to it! It still rocks on low! I will keep you posted.
Now I just need a vocal mic (forgot to get on today with all the amp excitement and all). I also need an amp mic now. Once I get that and some kind of p.a. system, I will be on the stage L I V E!
THANK YOU! You have been a GREAT part of creating what my music is today! UG was my first site of this kind and still the BEST! If they would start paying per play like UBETOO, there would be NO STOPPING UG from taking over the WORLD!

PLEASE check me out over on ubetoo.


p.s. New songs with my new amp will be up as soon as I get an amp mic!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

lights on the beach at night

Current mood: cheerful

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/jasonggabbott/m usic/play895891

"lights on the beach"
Music & Lyrics copyright JASONGGABBOTT c2010

somethings knocking on my mind
peace is hard to find
awakened from my bed
opening up the blinds
what is that I see

lights on the beach at night

walking through the sand
there's a light
LUMENESCENT shiny metal object
s c r e a m s

this can only happen in dreams

lights on the beach at night
lights on the beach at night

I see a fight
I see a fight
they seem happy
they seem happy

I can see there all naked
I must insist

NOW the metal objects are pointed toward me
I close my eyes so I don't see
I hear a blast
should I run
It's just a g u n.

the anger inside me will not let me leave

lights on the beach at night
lights on the beach at night

as I strike out at their faces
I notice they are a couple different races

It is harder to love than it is to KILL
it is harder to love than it is to K I L L

as I go about the DESTRUCTION
as I go about the d e s t r u c t i o n

"light on the beach at night"
Music & Lyrics copyright JASONGGABBOTT c2010

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/jasonggabbott/m usic/play895891
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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Current mood: accomplished

Just finding things that help me and hopefully help you too!


Are You Too Old to Make It?

June 28, 2010{ 291 Comments }

Originally posted on Echoes

by Scott James

Most musicians I know hold a dream to someday ‘make it’ in the music business. To play in front of huge crowds and live a lifestyle that they can only imagine. Many of us believe that we’ll someday get there. Unfortunately most of us find ourselves growing older with an ever increasing fear that we’re missing the boat.

We’re conditioned to believe that if we’re going to make it then we have to do it at a young age. I had already started to have this feeling when I was in my early 20′s. I felt like I was slacking because I hadn’t ‘made it’ yet.

So how old is too old? Well, I think what we need to look at is the fundamental equation the whole business boils down to. It’s a value exchange between the audience and the artist. The audience pays money for the value they get from the artist. So ask yourself: how old would a performer have to be before you stopped receiving value from them? Would you not pay for a great artist who was 65 years old? I would. One of the best performances I’ve ever seen was a rock and roll band of men who were all in their 80′s!

So if people are willing to pay for good music then what’s standing in your way?

I saw an artist last night who didn’t mention her name once. There were no visual cues to let me know who she was. She never mentioned anything about CDs or merch for sale. No website. No mailing list. Nothing. When the show was over, she walked off the stage and into the dressing room.

It’s easy to look at her and see what she did wrong. What’s more difficult to see is that to one degree or another, most of us are making similar mistakes. A lot of musicians fall into the trap of thinking that either they’re going to be ‘discovered’ or nothing is going to happen at all, so there’s no real need or urgency to actually do the right things to grow an audience and a career.

So I urge you, instead of having your head in the imaginary future all the time, to take an honest look at where you are now. You have positive things going for you right now. It’s time you capitalize on those things and make the most of what you’ve got in front of you. Success is created in the present, not the future. You may never get to play Wembley Stadium or sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, but you can absolutely have more and more fans coming to your shows. You can have a room full of people screaming your name. It may not be a 60,000 seat venue, but believe me, it will feel good.

What you need to do is let go of the belief that someday someone is going to make it easy for you and instead take 100% responsibility for your career. Have CDs and merch for sale and take responsibility for learning how to sell them. Have a mailing list and learn how to get people on it and how to use it. Take responsibility for letting people know who you are and how they can stay connected to you. Good things will happen in the real world when you step up to the plate, and believe me it will feel even better than when they happen in your imagination, no matter how old you are.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

getting signed?

Current mood: cheerful

As always I am looking for new ideas and honest sites.
I find this guy knows a bit and cares about the



Thoughts On Getting Signed

shaneoconnorrecording | August 23, 2010 at 7:10 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/ppuhZ-7c

I am continually asked by musicians about the mysterious inner secrets of the music business.

How do I find a manager that can get me signed?

What entertainment lawyer should I bug?

Do you know of any labels that would sign me and hand me lots of money?

How do a GET a booking agent that will put me on bills with XXX signed band?

I can understand why musicians would ask about these things. They are probably hard up for money, and feel that they are often getting the short end of the stick. This mindset is perpetuated by the very institutions that they are inquiring about.

Labels are shaking in their boots about a loss of record sales, while musicians with an audience centric mindset are focusing on getting music to the people who care. If you are serious about being a musician, you should ignore the RECORD INDUSTRY. Instead, focus on the MUSIC INDUSTRY. They are inter related, but separate entities.

The RECORD INDUSTRY is still, after 10 years of digital downloading, set up to sell a physical product to a consumer that has little to no interest in a CD. It doesn't look like labels are going to wake up and make drastic changes to that model. The major labels are more interested in crashing and burning that changing.

The MUSIC INDUSTRY is the connection between the artist and the end listener. The MUSIC INDUSTRY sells the fairy dust that keeps people coming back to shows, obsessing over Bob Dylan and allowing music to create an emotional change in their lives. This business is thriving and alive.

The RECORD INDUSTRY would love for musicians to believe that the MUSIC INDUSTRY is crashing and burning as well. If both industries stay "in trouble" then it gives a an excuse for labels to sign bands to exploitive deals and avoid artist development.

There is a growing group of artists that are in opposition entirely to the RECORD INDUSTRY. They work on the premiss that their music is for the end listener. This mindset creates an artist that is willing to tour creatively, find their own licensing opportunities, and sell directly to fans with a greater value and less overhead.

These artists, many of which I work with, are actually making a living with music. They view their music as a business in itself and ignore labels/ managers/ booking agents/ scammers.

Seth Godin wrote an interesting article on Book Publishing that relates to this. HERE.

Sufjan Stephens makes beautiful music and does not give a shit about his label being cool. Listen to his new record HERE.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Current mood: calm

I found this guy and he makes sense and seems to be in it for the artist and honest. Check out the link.


Never forget that you are never “done”.  It’s amazing to me how people will complete a recording or make a live video and act as if it is the only moment of their careers that mean anything.  Media of this type is only a single still frame in the movie of your life.  Every time you capture your art it is just a means to moving yourself further along and getting better at what you do as well as generating products that (hopefully) someone will want to purchase or at least take the time to appreciate.

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