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Sunday, December 30, 2007

MTV, Jesus, Sex, The American Dream, all in one bl

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ok, let me tell u first that i did not right this, my friend did, and it is absolutely incredible, he's an amazing writer, and an even better revolutionary, but, this is a the blog he wrote-
i recently found this in a bulletin. when i started reading it, i thought "hey! finally someone is calling MTV out!"
but MTVs only crime was omitted from the bulletin. and i , being someone who likes to rant, couldnt pass this up

ok, first of all. i would like to point out that MTV has only committed one unspeakable crime against this nation: not airing enough music videos. it is MUSIC television, is it not? its not reality tv tv. its not RTVTV.
but this bulletin...it doesnt even touch that.
heres what the bulletin said:
"For years, MTV has believed that they own this generation. And maybe they do. After all, the eager eyes of the American youth have silently watched MTV exploit their minds and bodies for profit, never questioning the product they've been sold. But what if we looked closer?

What is MTV really selling? And what is it really costing us?

Young ladies, what kind of standard is MTV setting for you? Many of their shows encourage the falsehood that women are defined by their appearance, and that their worth is grounded in an ability to seduce. But what if beauty has nothing to do with sex?

The network also provides girls of any age with free information about abortion, emergency contraception, and STD's. Their website is covered with links to Planned Parenthood, the country's largest supplier for the killing of human persons through abortion. It seems rather strange for a music network to offer such information, unless that network is attempting to compensate for peddling sex to teenagers.

Young men, if girls are merely objects, what role does that create for you? MTV shows men to be collectors. Cars, money, women—they're all the same, an empty, emotionless fulfillment of 'the American Dream.' But what if human beings are not objects? What if MTV is ignoring relationship simply to sell sex?

Our generation deserves better than this. No matter how many reality shows it produces, MTV constantly fails to portray anything real. The value of a human person, the passion and beauty that accompanies true romance—these things do not exist in the world of MTV. Instead, we have become just another worthless commodity, and our voices have been lost, reduced to simply repeating every word MTV says.

"If you can get their emotions going, make them forget their logic, you've got them. At MTV, we don't shoot for the 14-year-olds, we own them." –Bob Pittman, creator of MTV.

...still want your MTV?"

first things first. "what is MTV selling?". selling something is not evil, and you forget that selling actually has two steps. one - MTV "sells" their "product". and two - it needs to be bought.
i dont understand this. why would bitch about something you have to CHOOSE to "buy" in the first place? you dont sit around going "time cop? i hate that movie! damn walmart for selling it!"  as long as your not "buying" it, shut your goddamn mouths.
so, in other words, you scrutinize MTV for "selling" things to you, failing to realize that in order for MTV to "sell" something, you must in turn "buy" it.
lets move on.
the first paragraph. let me start by saying this. beauty of women has always been defined by looks by these macho-bullshit alpha males for CENTURIES before MTV hit the scene. women have been able to seduce men for the same amount of time. you blame MTV for this, but you fail to realize that many of the same people who preach against MTV are the same alpha male jock-sniffers that have been objectifying women since before MTV was even conceived. i guess its only evil when corporations do it huh?
and...the fact that women can seduce men isnt one of MTVs corporate conspiracies. they're called hormones. its a fact of life.
i also want to point out one other thing. just because girls watch MTV doesnt MAKE them turn into sex-fiends or sluts or anything like that. they have a choice. MTV makes girls sluts as much as owning a gun makes you a murderer: IT DOESNT.
next up.
MTV's website provides info about abortion, contraception, and STDs. They also have links to Planned Parenthood.
am i the only one whos asking "whats the big fucking deal?"
girls, no matter what age, need to know about these things. the christian method of "ignore it and it'll go away" doesnt work in this case. girls need to know the options available to them.
first off, i would like to point out that i consider my self pro-women, not pro-choice. i'm all for women being able to choose what they want to do, and i'm for the government, and religion keeping their filthy bloody hands off of their bodies. most of the opponents of abortion are men anyway. thats like saying "almost all of those who oppose the death penalty are corpses.
 they describe Planned Parenthood as "the largest supplier for the killing of human persons by abortion." First of all, to all of you christians who like to get cute and detailed when describing abortion. it can be described in one word: abortion. so leave it to one word you self absorbed baby-sniffers.
another thing, as far as i'm concerned, you are not a person until you are BORN. if they counted you as a person when you were in your moms womb, you would count your birthday as the day you were conceived. but you dont. no one does that. it seems as though christians only care about the rights of the unborn. because when it comes to civil rights...they seem to have a pretty shitty track rcord. it seems as though once you are born, christians stop caring about your rights. and it makes sense that christians dont want dead babies. they want them to grow up to be dead soldiers. fighting for oil in the name of god.
heres another one for ya. "killing of human persons." Planned Parenthood might have the abortion market cornered, but when you take away the stipulations, one other organization far passes planned parenthood when it comes to the taking of human life: the United States government. many of the people responsible for the countless deaths in iraq are the same people who oppose abortion. of course they do, theres no money to be had in abortion. but i bet you anything, that if tomorrow it was discovered that babies were a cheap source for crude oil, abortions would increase ten-fold, and the government might even build some children farms.
and how come when its human, its abortion. but when its a chicken, its an omelette? whens the last time you came down for breakfast and say "hey mom, i want you to fry me a murdered chicken baby for me for breakfast!" you dont. see how rediculous it sounds? are we so much better than chickens all of a sudden? when did this happen when we passed chickens in goodness? name six ways we're better than chickens. see, you cant do it. because chickens are good people. you dont see chickens selling drugs do you? you dont see chickens strapping a guy to a chair and shocking  him to death do you? whens the last time you heard about a chicken who came home from work and beat the shit outta his hen? it doesnt happen, because chickens are decent people.
oh, and another thing. i wont take christians seriously about abortion until they stop bombing clinics. pro-life indeed.
contraception. good thing in my eyes. instead of ignoring the teenage libido and preaching "abstinence", what christians need to do is be realistic. teenagers are going to have sex.
i will also go as far as to say this. sex isnt evil. theres a reason why teenagers are addicted to it. it feels good. as long as they arent getting each other pregnant or passing STDs around, i dont see what the big deal is. sexuality isnt something tio be ashamed of. embrace it.
they say MTV is "peddling sex to teenagers". thats bullshit. teenagers were sex crazed LONG before MTV came out. once again. they're giving MTV too much credit. once again. hormones are at work. not MTV.
finally! moving on.
MTV shows men to be collecters. thats strange. what do churches beg for every week? MONEY! what do you make of these mega-churches that expand to the size of a small city? once again, its the christian double standard.
and any "young man" dumb enough to learn his "role" from MTV deserves to be put on a leash by their corporate masters.
oh. and the "american dream" doesnt exist.
and as far as people not being "objects", your wrong once more. the word "object" is defined as "Something perceptible by one or more of the senses, especially by vision or touch; a material thing."  sounds like a human to me.
and no company can "sell" sex. we're born with the desire for it.
i noticed something about the last paragraph. if you take out one sentence, and replace "MTV" with "religion", you have a paragraph that makes much more sense. allow me.
"Our generation deserves better than this. ...Religion constantly fails to portray anything real. The value of a human person, the passion and beauty that accompanies true romance - these things do not exist in the world of Religion. Instead, we have become just another worthless commodity, and our voices have been lost, reduced to simply repeating every word our religion says."
when it comes to mindless brainwashing, i'll take MTV over religion any day.
PSSSSS - people have asked me why i didnt address the quote from the creator of MTV, and heres the reason.
 idiots that are feeble minded enough to follow every trend deserve to be MTVs puppets
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Till From Kenig wrote on Jan 11th, 2008 11:52am

Looks like your friend is obsessed about religion.
"what is MTV selling?" theme is great. Other themes are nothing but playing with worlds, althought her point is correct in general.


asteria24 wrote on Jan 15th, 2008 5:28am


(Response was too long to post here.)


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