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Friday, July 08, 2016

NGD 7-7-2016 Hagstrom Swede Gold Top

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Yes indeed, July 7th (my father's birthday RIP) was a much celebrated New Guitar Day welcoming a Hagstrom Swede Gold Top into the family. Interestingly enough, the Hagstrom and I have a Swedish lineage in common. My grandmother (father's side) immigrated to the States in the early 1900's straight out of Sweden with a maiden name of Holmquist. Therefore, in honor of my father and grandmother I dub the Hagstrom Swede's new name as Hernik Holmquist (Henry was my father's middle name, he hated it).

I scored a killer deal through eBay around the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Originally priced $480, the seller suddenly dropped the price down to $299! The purchase included a complimentary setup with new strings; I requested low action set for 9-42 gauge strings and the seller obliged. If that wasn't sweet enough, dude threw in a Hagstrom Hard case (usually $110) for free! I don't know if this guy was drunk, on a good one, or what but he has quickly become my favorite online music retailer.

I received the guitar via Fed Ex yesterday and overall, this has been a dream come true. Although used, the Hagstrom is in phenomenal condition (very good). A little dusty but I haven't found any significant blemishes aside from your usual superficial pick scratches. All the electronics and controls function properly and I am really liking the Hagstrom tuners. Time will tell, but they seem to be outperforming the Grover and Planet Waves tuners on my other guitars.

I'm at a loss for words when it come to describing the sound the Swede emits but I'll give it a shot. In general the sound ranges from a hot bridge to a dark mellow and warm neck. Perhaps in a few weeks to a month I will ready to write a review on the Swede. Until next time, stick it to the man!
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