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Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Target On Radar: Hagstrom Swede Gold Top

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Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, I am now on the hunt for a Hagstrom Swede in either Champagne Sparkle finish or Gold Top. Chasing after a Gibson Les Paul Standard Gold Top, my dream guitar, is just that; a dream. Married, with four children, I cannot justify spending the small fortune of what it cost to posses the finely crafted instrument. I know deep down in my core that wanting one is purely for the sake of owning such a status symbol. And what good is it to have a status symbol if you are not going to go about flaunting it? 

While looking over the various Gold Tops there are available on the market I came the beautiful Hagstrom Swede Gold Top that looks similar to the style of Gold Top that I prefer (top hat control knobs with metal disk inserts) and, like most of us, I'm a mutt. I am of Finnish, Polish, and Swedish decent, making the Hagstrom brand look ever more appealing this time around. Plus, I am  sucker for a good advertisement. I saw one that read "be different, play a Hagstrom Les Paul styled Swede," or something to that effect.
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