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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My life coping with depression

Current mood: depressed

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Constant anger
constant respression

my minds been blinded
another depression

i get enembriated
till my pain is eleviated

smoke to my head
force down and swallow

all outta help
no bag no bottle

pack by pack
malignant misfortune

god's marianet
love's abortion

no more pain
i've planned my solution

just sour D
love's substitution

i've become a shadow
god hates me

no love , no fight
no finders fee

i say goodbye
shot by shot

noone cares
god's sick plot

tears roll down
outta sight

i've given up
i've lost this fight

for those who loved me
i love you too

hey there god
just me and you

i'm finally here
why'd life suck

no answer, no love
great, don't give a fuck

i'm sick of hope
send me to hell

here i am
finally dead

pain is gone
no more to tell
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