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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Current mood: hyper

ok im really hyper.....
could be coz of sunday....
coz on sunday.....
im meeting sum m8s in town... (including the guy i relirelirelirelireli like)
an i CANT FXCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
only problem is my best m8 cant be ther
but our m8 (the guy i havnt seen in ages an i reli like) is comin up to see up when my best m8 comes bk XD
gna be AWESOME yeye

lots love jade xxx
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Monday, July 21, 2008

ye so...i dont get it...still

Current mood: worried

is it kinda weird....
that i can get butterflies, and my stomach in knots...and my heart racing....
just from looking at a picture...
and that 1 person...can make me feel the happiest ive ever felt, just from a hug....and can make me feel the worst iv ever felt, just from hugging somebody else....
and that if im not with them, (which is a lot)
i think of them every second of every day....
i dont get it....
i cant get him outa my head...
i swear im loosing control of this....
my heads all messed up....
and i still dont know why i like him....
and i cant avoid him...coz hes 1 of my m8s....
i hate this so FXCKING MUCH
its messing with my head
what the hell is going on???
someone please tell me
coz i really cant figure this out

jade xx

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Monday, July 21, 2008


Current mood: pissed off

ok so..i added alex on myspace
and got his number an gave him mine
and wed planned to meet up at a gig on sunday
and bring evri1 along...
was gna be awesome

i cant go meet a m8 that i havnt seen in ages...and...ok i like him...alot....
but still
fxck it
im staying at abbeys
goin anyway
ye i dont like lying...but its 1 of my best m8s

god i sound like a bitch

jade xxxx

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Friday, July 18, 2008

any tips or advice???

Current mood: confused

ye so, if u read my last blog, that will help coz i cba to write it all out...
so does anybody know any ways of getting over somebody faster???
coz im sick of thinkin about this guy&&girl
and i tried to get over them....
but idk how...
and tbh, i really dont like this anymore...
and a m8 of mine talked to my ex.....he said he didnt know what to say seeing as though my heads been totally messed up lately....
(mainly coz i just recently realised i liked a girl...and i told a few friends...theyve been great...but i just cant figure this out in my head....)
that makes no sense, but, hey, i rarely do

if u can think of any ways to get over the ppl i like...
and any ways to make it easier to figure out whats going on in my head....

so, yeye thanx an that.....
jade xxx (AKA confuzzled)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ohhhkay so...

Current mood: confused

ye so....
i kinda like a m8 of mine.....alex...i no he dusnt like me, but that dusnt stop me thinkin bout him... A LOT
and i kinda like another 1 of my m8s...but this is the complicated bit...
coz its a girl...
an idk, my heads all weird now...
idk what am going to do...
coz i kinda like my ex too...
but idk coz it could just be my head bein weird...
i broke up with my ex coz of my problems, i dint think i was bein fair
but i kinda told him i dint like him in that way anymore...
but i just dint want him to talk me out of it...
coz i knew he would....
ye, so what do i do??????
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

theres this guy at school....

Current mood: confused

yh u probably guessed wot im goin to say.... theres this guy at school and i really like him....hes 2 yrs olda than me and about to go on study leave in a few days... and the other day i was sat with all my friends at dinner time....(inculding this guy) and i was just sat with him...kinda like in front of him...an he had his arms round my waist :) hehe....and i didnt think anything of it really...well i was happy about it obv. coz i like him....but i was just sat there talkin to my friends....and they all started saying how cute we looked together....i know now how obv. i was being that i liked him...but at the time i didnt think i was.... but as i was going to my exam with my friends in my year....1 of them asked me 'u like him dont you??'...now im not a good liar...so i kinda had to tell her... an a few of my other friends...and now they all want to 'set us up'...as if i wasnt embarrased enough...
now my other friend that i told....is also friends ith this guy... and she texted him to ask him what he thinks of me...and he said he really likes me but didnt kno what to do about it....so my friend asked him if he was gona ask me out...but he thinks this is 'year7 like'... i dont know why...but apparently he does....so he said he was going to try and kiss me instead....now this presents a problem 4 me...im terrified of either messing it up or just running away.... (yes sad i know you dont need to tell me)
so i have all of my friends watching me tomorrow (this is when hes aparently planning to do it) and im terrified of messing up with a guy i really like.....
thats if he acctuallytold my friend this....im not sure....
and btw....this has acctually stopped me sleeping.... ther must be sumthing wrong here...
omg im so stupid....i shouldnt be scared!!! wt the hell???
any advice is much apriciated
jade (very embarassed)
ps y do i always like guys who r so out of my league its almost funny?? damnit
please help!!
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Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Current mood: depressed

hey there.... so my song wasn't that great?? i know.....
but what im really here to say is: im sick of bing lied to...
for example
my guitar teaher.... he saw my song.. and said it was really good.... then a girl i kow thact he also teaches asked him bout it... na he told her it was 'bnaisic and emo'.... i mean.. ot the hell??? he dannt hav the balls to tell me himself??its not that whe said it was bad.. just that he lied to my face about it... and then told sum1 else what he really thought.. so now i feel lyk evrithin hes said to me was a lie.. like when he told me i was getting better at guitar....so yh... im a little pissed offf

and my friends.... theyv recently decided they all want to set me up with a guy...my 2 best friends are the worst..... 1 f them is apparently tryin to set me up with a guy she knows....coincidence that hes lyk my perfect guy?? coz thats not the kinda ppl she knows....and he talks to me from her bebo site....so im a little suspicious....and my other friend...said a guy she knows likes me.... but they way she said it made me think she was lying.... coz she said it as if it had slipped out... she hadnt meant to say it.... but she said 'that guy'... if it had slipped out shed hav said a name.. not 'that guy'
and im still feeling really depressed... im sick of being put down.... sick of being lied to.....sick of being crap at EVERYTHING i do....andjust sick of evri1...
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

about that song i posted...

Current mood: crazy

just wanted to say.. about that song i posted...... its probly crap.. but id like any feed bak...or suggestions.. coz i wanna no wot u guys think!!!! please!! even if ur gna say its crap just say it!! lol
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

my first song!!! - I'll Find The Words

Current mood: accomplished

hey ppl.. i finally wrote a set of lyrics... i got help frm sum1.. they gave me a verse.. but them i decided to re-write it to make it my own song...

I'll Find The Words

I'm sitting here thinking of you,
and there is nothing i can do,
to make it so you can see,
that i need you here with me.
what is it that made you go?
tell me please, i have to know.

eventually, i'll find the words,
to tell you just how much this hurts.
your the one i waited for,
and its my heart that you tore.
it's not the same without you around,
i sit here alone, not making a sound.
hoping one day, you just might say,
how to take my pain away.

Verse 2
it's impossible to live without you,
you don't know what i'm going through.
i need someone there beside me,
who knows what it is that i can see.
i don't wanna be alone,
sat here waiting by the phone.
you were my everything,
and now this is th song that i sing.


Verse 3
i don't wanna need you anymore,
don't wanna sit and watch the door,
to see if you walk through,
like you always used to do.
want to get you out of my head,
and all of those things you said.
don't wanna care about you,
even though i still do.


Verse 3
don't wanna go through this again,
i want it to stop. i want it to end.
now, i'm not stood in the rain,
crying silently 'cause of the pain.
i'm gonna say this just one time,
without you there, i'll do just fine.
nows the part i say we're through,
and then i forget allabout you

by the way.. this song... was supposed to be a love song.. but er..it isnt really... it was also supposed to be slow... but again.. it isnt really...its set to just chords...and you sorta just strum along with the words....
please tell me whjat you think.. coz this is my first time writing lyrics...
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

under pressure part 2

Current mood: depressed

hey again... another crap day... mi best freinds has fallen out wiv me AGAIN... im freakin sick of treadin on eggshells when these ppl who (used to) call themselves my friends, make my life a living hell... and id rather be on my own that with them... nice friends... theyre not all bad... i got sum good 1s... wel erm 3... i only felt happy hangin out wiv them 4 lyk a week then i started to feel lyk they didnt want me... like an outcast... tagging along... and i no how this sounds so dont tell me im emo coz that pisses me off more an i dont think i can handle that right now... i hate ppl sumtyms... an stupid me goes bk everytym.. i cnt stand this.. coz its bad enough wen mi m8s fall out wiv me but then i get complete randoms coming up to me havin a go about it!! i mean wot the hell??! wot has it got to do with them?? and i found out i need to be grade 3 on guitar by next schol year... im currently working on grade 1... havnt done the exam yet.

honestly- i think iv had enough.. of friends... school everything. fuck it.
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