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HeretiK538 wrote on Aug 13th, 2011 9:58pm

I hate to be contrary, but I do believe that "It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum" is a quote from They Live, which was then quoted by the king. If you've not seen it, it's a very cool action film that had a big impact on a lot of 90s action heroes


pokeatthedevil wrote on Jul 19th, 2011 4:54am

I can solve a Rubik's Cube in 45 seconds, too! What method do you use?


JayT44 wrote on Apr 12th, 2010 4:50am

Hell yes! The Office FTW! Kevin is amazing...


warbeast19 wrote on Apr 25th, 2009 1:37am

My friend can solve a rubix cube in about that time.He's up to a 7 x 7 cube now. He can solve probably any rubix cube ever invented.


KeepOnRotting wrote on Jan 6th, 2009 10:45pm

Spying on me ehhh? What's up?


deanfreak93 wrote on Oct 29th, 2008 4:17am

did u really solve a rubiks cube in 45 seconds?


TheBax wrote on Jun 24th, 2008 5:28pm

cool, thanks. I'm not really into classic rock, like Led Zeppelin, but i'm closer to it, seeing as i don't like all that HaRDC0RE BR00TALZ!!! metal stuff, but i don't play much clean stuff like Maroon 5 either, and plus, the amp is for most of the sound. And, two of my favorite bands play a Gibson Les Paul, so... i've also tried it out, and i love it. But i'm still trying to get opinions... ya know, just in case there's some things wrong with it after you've got it for a while.

But hey, thanks for your help!


TheBax wrote on Jun 24th, 2008 12:41am

hey man, i'm just getting some opinions on the Epi Les Paul Standard...

What do you think of yours???


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