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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

branching out

Current mood: artistic

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ah, nostalgia. i remember the good ole' days when i was an angsty middle-schooler and early high-schooler who loved the nu-metal. i was so into it. linkin park, taproot, staind, and korn. god how i loved korn. i used to think that it was the best music ever, and dismissed classic rock and blues and jazz and everything else completely as old people music. what a little dumbass i was huh? i was thinking about all the new music i've gotten into in the past year and a half or so, or more accurately, how most of it is so much older than i am. i've since come to the conclusion that '65 to '80 was the best slice of music ever. there was some great stuff before, and after, but most of my favourites fall right in this time period. i mean, we had:
1) the beatles best albums
2) the velvet underground
3) captain beefheart
4) pink floyd's best work
5) the allman bro's
6) derek and the dominos
7) the sex pistols
8) the clash
and most importantly to me
9) joy division's rising dark star, before burning out via Ian's suicide
you just can't beat the mid 60's to the late 70's for rock music. and to think i believed korn to be musical gods.......
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