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She's A Disease   (03:23)
At live shows we often open with this one. It's got an intro which we decided to cut out of the recorded song. It's a favourite of our other guitarist and front-man, Oli
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Milk Maid   (03:42)
I'm not too happy with the chorus. It comes in a bit weak. I'll be sure to fix that up on the finished version. Again, I'll upload the final cut when the producer has worked all his magic and everything.
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I Think I'm Sick   (03:22)
My guitar hasn't been added to this one yet, but it's one of my favourites to play live.

Just as a side note, the voices and whispers that you hear during all of these songs are the result of the mic being left on after recording. We thought that it added personality to the songs, so we put them in strange places. Before the solo of Down, there's some as well!
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Down   (02:23)
Unmastered, totally raw take from my band's new album. It needs some fixing up with the levels and things, but this is the basic idea of how it'll sound. I'll upload the finished version when we've finished the album.
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