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punk man dude (2)
Sunday, December 02, 2007

i miss you...

Current mood: drained

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i'd just like to say every song i write...everytime i pick up my guitar...and everytime i learn something new...this is all dedicated to an amazing guitarist and a wonderful person...he is my inspiration...he is my role model...he was one of the kindest people you'd ever meet...and he was my grandfather...missing you always and forever...Duke Tresham...may you rest in peace...:sad:
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punk man dude wrote on Dec 11th, 2007 7:22pm

that is sad


XAgent10169 wrote on Dec 14th, 2007 1:42am

im sure it will awlays be alright.


Page&HammettFan wrote on Jan 8th, 2008 4:43am

Sorry to hear about your loss.


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