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em!ly (2)
Wednesday, August 10, 2011


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It's been a while hasnt it? Well, i kinda have a good reason for not being on... Hmmm.. Let's see, a fall out with a friend, trying to hang out with other friends, Cedar Point visit, writting Words Unsaid (finally to chapter 6, chapter five is about 40 pages long.. yeah), reading the Harry Potter book series in a week (haha didnt work, im on the seventh one, but hey, cant read all the time), shutting out other people, getting my hair done (its short-ish now), and updating my crush list about twice... Etc, etc, etc...
I just realized i dont have a life... Oh well..
May be that is just why i wouldnt want to blog, i wouldnt have anything to blog.. well except for the fact that the new BVB and There for Tomorrow albums came out this summer (like two months ago) and i cant stop listening to some of the songs.. maybe i should do something with those for the next blog, if i decide to do one.
Truthfully, I've started thinking that no one ever reads these lately.. Am i babbling a little too much? or is that im just creepy and stuffs?
But anyways, I'm going to steal an idea from em!ly (sorry love) and it is how we looked when we started u-g until now, but im going to add a lot of things in between.
so here is me when i started out, a simple, sweet, suicidal young thirteen year old blond girl:
 (with Taylor in the back ground)
Heres when i actually started to use u-g. back hair, still a little on the edge and a lot of other things:
  i didnt have as much boobs then either... :/
Fast forward about two years and a few months, when i wanted to go back blond (there are a couple of these xD):

And now completely blond, turning 17 in two months, and about to start my last year of High School :D :
(yes i am wearing a shirt.... you just cant see it... tehe xD)
So, thats it.. a little picture journey and me ranting about how i have no life.... :/ i think i look a tiny bit better now but i still hate the way i look.
Oh, one more thing, i took my senior pics last week, hopefully that turned out well...
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em!ly wrote on Aug 10th, 2011 8:46pm

you stole my blog .. well not completely, yours was more detailed, very pretty pics though :)


ilovejobrosa wrote on Aug 11th, 2011 3:10am

they arent that pretty of pictures.. but yeah.. you were the base of it.. tehe..


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