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Monday, March 07, 2011

New song!

Current mood: crappy

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for real a new song
its called "If I Could Change" (tell me what cha think?)

I hate this feeling,

I need a cure.

For once in my life, I’m dreaming.

But this can’t be pure,

Can it? I was once just breathing,

Now I can’t even stand the sight

Of you. I just cant continue beating

Up my heart, just to see your light.

If I could change the way this goes,

Before anyone else does.



If I could change the time around,

Things would have probably been different.

Maybe I could keep my feet on the ground,

Things would not be less efficient.

For once I could may be stop believing

That I could try to stop all of this

Maybe I should stop this dreaming

I could be more than this

And if I could change my heart I would.

And if I could change my heart I would.


Things have been getting into the change.

Everything to rearrange my heart.

Will I fight this memory for the change,

Or hold it close to my beating heart?

I think you already know the answer,

This is your problem now.

Don’t come back from your place of danger.

Just take a well earned bow.

You don’t deserve anything,

But for you to be a pity thing.




You’re going to crash and burn.

Too bad that you already have.

I’m going to watch you turn.

To be the one that you have known.

Go on and show the flames

Inside your body,

Grasping your blames.

Inside your body.

Making their way inside and out

I wish that you could just be straight (With me)




I’m done dreaming,

I’m done wishing,

My heart can’t take this anymore

I hope that you burn so much more

Take your faith and disappear to death.

Be afraid of who I will become.

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Lil dimebag wrote on Mar 8th, 2011 4:50pm

i like it! its really good dont stop writing stuff lik this.


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