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Friday, August 22, 2008

New song lyrics, incomplete!!

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Struck By The Blade


Torn from the fabric of time

Waisting a mishapen blade

Run for/from the terror

Cry Out in anger

Chasing away all the pain


Time takes it's toll on the ravaged man

Relieving them all of whats left

Striking and Cutting

Killing and maiming

Waisting no time to attack




Waisted years of a waisted life

Giving existance shame

Living life on a baron lie

Taken and ended tonight




Scream out to save you

But won't have have your life on my back

Will nobody help you

No one will save you, STRUCK BY THE BLADE




Stalking prey with a deadly smile

Chosing prey on the run

Run from the horror

Cry out for shelter

Out from the blood pouring rain


Existence is useless without a life

The end of it all with a knife

Slashing and slicing

Stabing and wounding

sickening stare and attack





Not Affraid of dieing

Theres no shame in Crying

Waisted life so far

And now you've got no time

Part 2
Man was not born without a plan
But to waste life on greed and hate
Or envy and evil that men create
Will see you struck by the blade
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