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Friday, October 24, 2008

Zoom G9.2tt for sale

Looking at selling my Zoom G9.2tt pedal board, it's a very good board, but I just don't use it any more, I used to to replecate the amp I now have, and it takes up to much space so please get in contact if your interested. I have a cd of Cubase LE4 which came with it but I have lost the product key, that shouldn't be a problem though as you can email Zoom and Steinberg with the serial of the pedal board to reobtain a product key
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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New Pickup

Hey so today is a good day, or rather today is a mediocre day after yesterday being a good day lol, thats cause yesterday I ordered the pickup I wanted in my SG, next stop is a new guitar once I know what I'm getting in the way of shifts at work, once I'm gigging again I should be able to afford one, hopefully epiphone les pauls will be easy to get hold of again soon!!!! damn I really want 2, one with low output pickups (the Slash sound) and then a screaming monster, wait there is more than that. Lol okay here is a list of my guitars I realy want to get me through a setlist!
Les Paul with Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro 2's (quite possibley a Epiphone Les Paul Custom unless I can find the rare Epiphone Standard leftie in vintage sunburst instead of crappy heritage cherry)
Schecter Hellraiser Avenger for the metal crunching moments
Les Paul with high output pickups
i'm dreaming again lol, put these all on my list with a better newer cab and the white coffin case hardcase and a foldout rack case!
Once I'm gigging and earning money I can start planing to buy and import, either that  or once I have a half decent job!
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Band Practice!

Wow great band practice today!
Although we finished up early cause I had to go to work (I'm sitting at my desk with coffee in hand right now) band practice was really good. Practiced 2 new songs today, down with the sickness and Highway To Hell, andf learning (perfecting) Fear Of The Dark for next week, hopefully by next week I'm gonna have a nice run of songs learnt for band practice!
Still working out what to do to my sg!!!! Cause I'm really tempted to just save for a Schecter Hellraiser Avenger, but I don't want my main guitar to be an out and out metal guitar I want something real versatille my SG is perfect for that, so I'm thinking new pickups and electronics, customised and improved to hell!!!!!
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Friday, August 22, 2008

New song lyrics, incomplete!!

Struck By The Blade


Torn from the fabric of time

Waisting a mishapen blade

Run for/from the terror

Cry Out in anger

Chasing away all the pain


Time takes it's toll on the ravaged man

Relieving them all of whats left

Striking and Cutting

Killing and maiming

Waisting no time to attack




Waisted years of a waisted life

Giving existance shame

Living life on a baron lie

Taken and ended tonight




Scream out to save you

But won't have have your life on my back

Will nobody help you

No one will save you, STRUCK BY THE BLADE




Stalking prey with a deadly smile

Chosing prey on the run

Run from the horror

Cry out for shelter

Out from the blood pouring rain


Existence is useless without a life

The end of it all with a knife

Slashing and slicing

Stabing and wounding

sickening stare and attack





Not Affraid of dieing

Theres no shame in Crying

Waisted life so far

And now you've got no time

Part 2
Man was not born without a plan
But to waste life on greed and hate
Or envy and evil that men create
Will see you struck by the blade
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Friday, May 30, 2008

The start of tone - my ton

Well let me start this by saying the start of tone for me, or at least the tone which I call my own is the sound I get when I plug my Epiphone SG G-400 (at current with stock pickups, which actually pretty high output but obviously far from the best) into my Marshall TSL60 head running through my Marshall MG412a cab, straight clean sound nothing fancy but that is the basis of tone or at least my tone. Bottom line is a straight foward guitar (well electric guitar anyway) through a clean amp is the basis of tone for any guitarist, it's how they go about setting it all up which interests me.
I've rescentley bought my lovely TSL60 amp head and decided that well I now have the amp I have always wanted (JCM 2000 series) I don't want to use the modelling on my Zoom G9.2tt which in all fairness was never the easiest tool to work with, but still my Zoom unit has it's main use which it's great at, recording I can record straight through to my computer without bothering with amp and cabs and anything equipment wise, just guitar and computer and come out with pro quality stuff but as part of my live rig it's time has ended. (main reason being the annoying problems getting clean and distorted volume levels to match together)
So here we go it's time to start putting things together, my first order and most important  ly the one thing I can't live without, a very nice Plantet Waves Chromatic pedal tuner with true bypass, hey it's true bypass and nice and easy to read it's spot on way superior to the boss tuner.
And I have placed an order in and it should turn up on Monday is the Zakk Wylde Crybaby, built to last thats what I nead and a wah built to give you a great range and to give you a nice edge, NICE!
anyhow this is where I fall short, I dunno wether to go for the Zakk Wylde overdrive and the MXR boost or the combined MXR boost/overdrive, I know the cost is more but I'm thinking about the individuals as I could possibly put the overdrive before the wah, so yeah anyways
See you all reall soon, and I would really appreciate help if someone can help me with my pedal board
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