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"Creatures" by Katy Zimmerman   (02:41)
Katy Zimmerman sings her original song "Creatures" { Tags : Creatures, Habit, Katy, Zimmerman, Guitar, Vocal }
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No More Tears Solo... Attempt   (01:10)
I tried, but eh. It's all good. { Tags : Zakk, Wylde, Ian, Bryant, Bennie, Thomas, Katy, Zimmerman, Estorical, Wisdom, More, Tears, Guitar, Solo }
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Comfortably Numb Solo Over Backtrack   (01:01)
Ian Bryant soloing over the backtrack for Comfortably Numb... He doesn't care for it. { Tags : Ian, Bryant, Katy, Zimmerman, Bennie, Benjamin, Thomas, Estorical, Wisdom, Comfortably, Numb, Guitar, Solo, Pentatonic, Backtrack }
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Lost (Intro)   (00:29)
By Avenged Sevenfold. Basically just searching for a decent tone. I'll post more later when I find a better tone and complete the song. { Tags : Lost, Intro, Ian, Bryant, Esoterical, Wisdom, Guitar, Solo, Avenged, Sevenfold, Harmonic }
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