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Friday, December 12, 2008


Current mood: alone

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so cold and alone
no one here by my side
nobody here to talk to
to listen to my prayers
to hear my voice
or hold me back
from things i will regret
emotions i cannot crack
all i hear are lies
from those out there
and those in here
from those that "care"
and those that pass right on through
without saying a word all i get are stares
from those that left me to myself
to those who see me alone
they go by like drones
without a care in the air
i feel the chill of winter nights
the cold of emptiness inside
the heat of anger
coming from ignorance i hide
the lies that i told
the ones i receive
the ones that escaped
the ones that scraped my heart without mercy
the lies that burn
the ones that hurt
the ones i hear
the ones that melt the cold
and leave nothing
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