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Sunday, November 23, 2008

the greatest day of my life

Current mood: nostalgic

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Earlier this year i saw the foo fighters in concert, and i can honestly say it was by far the best day of my life. They've been my favorite band for the longest time and it was so sweet to see them. Against me! and Serj Tankian opened for them which was sweet because they both rock! Dave Grohl is amazing. :down:
He could scream like i never knew was possible! They opened with let it die, and the way they just exploded on stage gave me shivers. Not only can he scream like no other, close to the end of the concert he played everlong acoustic and solo. His voice had no sense of wear and tear after more than an hour. and the way he sang it was nothing short of beautiful. And the transition from acoustic back to electric with but, honestly was... well words can't even describe it. but, honestly is my favorite song of theirs. They finished with Best of you for their encore which was also awesome. After the concert i felt completely deaf. I could hardly hear a thing. The greatest day of my life! :D
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