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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So i'm approaching the end of my first year here in Salford, made some great friends and had a stupid amount of guitar experience. It is a shame my current prog band will have to unfortunately come to an end im guessing, but i hope to keep going and carry on playing with other musicians.

I really need to buy a new guitar/piece of gear over the summer though, i have been exceptionally good in that department.

Just need to get these last few assignments and exams out of the way then i can start to relax a bit. Got a month teaching placement in June which should be really good, then the summer will merely comprise of music, work, festivals and the remote possibility of an EP at the end of it all

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well an update....

Ok well where to start, its 2008 so naturally 8 string gas is starting to hit me, seriously i will pick one up sometime this year eve if it kills me. As for Xmas and new years they are both a blur, i was in my local pub by 11am on xmas day and stayed there for a couple of hours, staggered home and got bitched at......and well new years, i honestly have no idea.

University hunt is still going on, hoping i actually get into one really or im so fucked in life.

Peace, Luke
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Friday, September 07, 2007

Feeling old.....

So i'm about to hit the milestone in my life of turning 18, and suddenely walking around 6th form i felt really old for some reason. Oh well, best prepare my liver for the harsh amounts of Jagermiester than will bound to be consumed over the next couple of weekends

Gah fuck i've got work tonight, i am really not in the mood to im forgoing a party with my girlfriend because i cant get the fucking time off, bastards at Tesco....

Hmm i should really be heading off for school now, what have i got first....? oh yeah Philosophy: A.K.A bible bashing sessions. God i love being Aetheist

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