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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Contact Solution Mishaps... and Mayhem Festival

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Anybody out there who uses those fancy contact solutions that are used by placing the solution into a container, then placing a little pill or the lid in with a platinum coated bottom piece knows where this 'mishap' lies.  The solution itself contains hydrogen peroxide, a mere 3%, but still... 

Yesterday, I got up early to head out to the Mayhem Festival to catch some Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse.  Would've liked to have seen Slayer, but they were on late and the fans there were beyond the realm of simply being 'drunk' and getting terribly annoying.  Not to mention, the sun had been beating down on both the fiance and myself, so we were burnt--we had gotten Trivium brand sun lotion upon entrance, which... amused me--and we had been cut off from meeting Behemoth twice.  

Since I will inevitably continue that story lets wrap up the contacts bit... it was early in the AM and I grabbed a solution bottle, squirted the contacts to watch excess hydrogen peroxide off, if there was any, and added it to my eye.  

Mistake= that solution bottle was the 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle and yes, it hurts.  It felt like someone had stuck an ice cube on my eye, coupled with copious amounts of pain.  I wouldn't recommend.

Alright, so we went to the Revolver Magazine tent to meet Behemoth, we were one of the first people there and excited to meet them (we being myself and the aforementioned fiance).  That's when the Revolver people decided to tell us that they were only doing photos with fans, and we left the camera at home.  Disappointed I devised a way to chill near the back of the tent and wait creepily until they left, we could then say a quick 'hello' and be on our way and they on theirs.  I then noticed some thirty or forty minutes later they were signing things (which they weren't doing before) and so we jumped back in line, grabbing a Revolver magazine, finding a page within for them to sign.  We didn't care what they signed, just wanted to meet them, share a few words, and go our separate ways.  Upon getting in line and chatting with our neighboring fans, we noticed the same Revolver Magazine guy come out and start counting the number of people in the line.  

Something smells like disappointment.

He then walks back up front, recounts to the number 10, and cuts off the line.  Guess who were lucky number 11 and 12?  FML.

Twice denied.

We then watched Cannibal Corpse after waiting in line for a cup of $4.00 water for forty minutes and opted to stay back in the back.  We were both drained from the sun and being pummeled by crowd surfers during Behemoth, standing a mere 5 ft. from the stage (including fenced area), and standing back proved wise as the crowd of drunken idiots started chucking their beers and full water bottles into the air, and shoes... and goth jackets.  
Also, we had the displeasure of standing next to two hideous Asian goths as they dry-humped to 'Fucked With a Knife.'

Good show they put on, as always.  No 'I Cum Blood' but oh well, Slayer and Manson had their own shows to put on in the amphitheater.  We left after Cannibal, sick of the Slayer fans ruining all the other shows (most of them were deliriously, dehydratedly drunk and middle-aged) and the Manson fans being so androgynous.  

Lesson learned, if you wish to see death metal or blackened death metal, or black metal, go when they do their own mini-tours and not when they jump onto these bigger tours, especially older thrash metal bands (I do like Slayer, I just hate the fans).  You encounter far fewer assholes this way who ruin your show experience by insulting the band you came to see, throwing their beers and full water bottles into the crowd, and stumbling around harassing your fiance.  

Also, it amuses me how people suddenly become absolute chain-smokers when going to concerts.  Well, actually the amusement passes as soon as I start choking on it.  

Last point, Seth, of Behemoth, apparently loves kids.  He was the most interactive of the group with the kids and enjoyed the photo portion of the meeting with fans.  He won a little more respect in my book, but who knows, he may really, really like kids... if you know what I mean.  
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