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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Belgian bands the world should know

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Okay, so I'm from Belgium, which is about one of the smallest, silliest countries in the world, but we have some great music! (And lots of crap, too) So here are some movies (it's just links, since I couldn't seem to embed Youtube videos in my blog, if someone knows how to do this: let me know!) from Belgian bands, artists and musicians I think the world should know:
dEUS: An alternative rock band from Antwerp, with the official clip of one of their best songs, "Suds & soda".
Zita Swoon: An alternative pop/rock band (or something), also from Antwerp, led by Stef Kamil Carlens (the "Friday"-shouting guy in the dEUS clip), the best dressed man in Belgian music. Here you see a live performance of "Thinking about you all the time" (turn up your volume, cause the sound is very low on this).
Novastar: The official video to one of the first hits of this Belgian pop/rock band; "Wrong".
The Blackbox Revelation: A very young, new group, consisting of a guitarist and a drummer. This is the official clip to their "Kill for peace (and peace will die)".
Admiral Freebee: A great Rock singer, player and writer from Brasschaat, performing his first single "Ever present" in a Belgian late night show. He is less out of this world than on his gigs, but I picked this video because he does some very Neil Young-esque things on this performance.

Hope you like these!

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salmon philippe wrote on Jan 28th, 2009 7:14am

It seems belgium bands dont have any success for US audience...though they sing good english !
Not easy to produce Rock ...exept if you are "real" english....
You know the french band "telephone" ? , they made a concert in New York in... 1985 in front of 3 persons ...
But you are right to try to make them wellknown !


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