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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Dimebag Darrell

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Today marks the eighth year of the death of Dimebag Darrell.
Killed in cold blood by a 'fan' at a Damageplan concert.

I became a fan of Pantera in early 2010. At the time I was starting to get into thrash metal a lot so on their Reinventing Hell CD I had, the tracks that I dug most were Domination, Cemetary Gates, Mouth For War and of course Cowboys From Hell, the most thrashy sounding ones. Walk was something else to what I was used to. It was very raw, it had a hell of a groove that I'd never heard before, and their singer sounded so angry! I loved the part where he shouted 'No way, punk!' before the solo.

I didn't listen to loads and loads of it though, just those five really. Over time I moved on to listening to the rest of the VDOP songs from that compilation, and then some from Far Beyond Driven. I was really feeling the groove then, especially in 5 Minutes Alone and the furiously heavy Becoming. It was around then when I really started to take notice of Dime's talent. Back then I just saw him as a player of pure speed, but then I started hearing a bit of blues in there? Damn! Wow!

Dimebag Darrell combined blues and shred to become the guitar legend he is. The Southern grooves that had a HEAVY tone added and tight metal drumming from his brother Vince. That was Pantera.

I do have all their albums now. I got the VDOP CD just over a year ago, and then found all of their 90s albums for 16 in HMV - I had to get them, even though I already had VDOP. It didn't matter that they were in crappy cardboard cases: I now owned all their good stuff!

I miss Dime, I keep thinking that a Pantera reunion could happen if he was around, but his death seems to have alienated Phil and Vince even more.

The Great Southern Trendkill is such a good album.

I love Pantera and I love you too Dime, RIP man. Metalheads over the globe are drinking to you.
Also John Lennon, who died on this day, RIP to you too. A sad day for music.

Happy holidays, hope your festivities are better than those close to Dimebag in 2004. A life taken too soon.
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