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Monday, January 28, 2013

New Black Veil Brides Album

Current mood: blah

Can't get my head round this...
19 tracks?
Concept album around a very loose theme?
A guitarist that deserves to be in a better band, who doesn't fit the sound of his current one?

Nah, this isn't for me.
Short but simple note.

Gonna stick with Motley Crue if I want glam, Blitz Kids if I want modern rock, Avenged Sevenfold if I want modern shred, Alice Cooper if I want makeup, Foo Fighters if I want singalong choruses, Rise Against if I want passionate lyrics, Motley Crue again if I want funny stage names... not that any of these really sound like these guys of course.

I don't get them but if they appeal to their market, fine. I used to think they were okay a short time ago, but they bore me now. Meh.
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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Dimebag Darrell

Current mood: sad

Today marks the eighth year of the death of Dimebag Darrell.
Killed in cold blood by a 'fan' at a Damageplan concert.

I became a fan of Pantera in early 2010. At the time I was starting to get into thrash metal a lot so on their Reinventing Hell CD I had, the tracks that I dug most were Domination, Cemetary Gates, Mouth For War and of course Cowboys From Hell, the most thrashy sounding ones. Walk was something else to what I was used to. It was very raw, it had a hell of a groove that I'd never heard before, and their singer sounded so angry! I loved the part where he shouted 'No way, punk!' before the solo.

I didn't listen to loads and loads of it though, just those five really. Over time I moved on to listening to the rest of the VDOP songs from that compilation, and then some from Far Beyond Driven. I was really feeling the groove then, especially in 5 Minutes Alone and the furiously heavy Becoming. It was around then when I really started to take notice of Dime's talent. Back then I just saw him as a player of pure speed, but then I started hearing a bit of blues in there? Damn! Wow!

Dimebag Darrell combined blues and shred to become the guitar legend he is. The Southern grooves that had a HEAVY tone added and tight metal drumming from his brother Vince. That was Pantera.

I do have all their albums now. I got the VDOP CD just over a year ago, and then found all of their 90s albums for 16 in HMV - I had to get them, even though I already had VDOP. It didn't matter that they were in crappy cardboard cases: I now owned all their good stuff!

I miss Dime, I keep thinking that a Pantera reunion could happen if he was around, but his death seems to have alienated Phil and Vince even more.

The Great Southern Trendkill is such a good album.

I love Pantera and I love you too Dime, RIP man. Metalheads over the globe are drinking to you.
Also John Lennon, who died on this day, RIP to you too. A sad day for music.

Happy holidays, hope your festivities are better than those close to Dimebag in 2004. A life taken too soon.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Current mood: sad

Today I was a bit down with living where I am... recently I've just felt tired of living here. Sick of it. Bored.

I want to have my own life. Whenever I try and exercise this want, my parents make me feel bad about it.
Example: I didn't say hi to my dad this morning because he was out when I got up. So I got dressed and started working. My dad came back while I was working. I didn't immediately say hi because I was working. Later my mum calls me down and asks me why I haven't spoken to him yet. Because I had work? Apparently this means I'm not contributing to the family life.
They go on about how I'm lazy and don't work enough all the time. When I do some, I'm criticised for not doing something else.

Really? Get out!

I can't stay out later than half eleven if I go out drinking which is stupid. I'm not allowed. No one else in town leaves until after midnight and I have to be in bed by then. That means I can't share a taxi home and my dad won't pick me up from town any more because I was late getting to my dad's car once. It's about seventeen quid home by myself in a taxi, which is about two thirds of my monthly allowance. This is ridiculous. The last bus out of town leaves at 9:50pm as well which is far too early. I want my own life but I'm too poor. So I need a job as well.

All the rules they insist on get to me as well. The stupidest one is 'no blu-tac on my bedroom walls'. Seriously...? So all my posters have to be in frames as either collages or large posters. I'm getting round that by putting the posters everywhere else like my door, on my wardrobe, my desk, etc. Aren't I quite the rebel.

I'm 17 now and whenever they allow me to do something they pull me back. It's like being allowed into the sweetshop but not allowed to buy anything, while watching all your mates eat the sweets. Two steps forward, one vital one back.

I was thinking about running away earlier then realised how stupid it was.

Teenage angst n' all that.

Wouldn't mind a place of my own at all right now.

I'm 17, not 12. Not a kid. I can sense myself maturing, even if I'm just more ragey at things.

Actually, I'm not angry at them. Just sad. I want out. At university I'm going to go out every god damn night and get completely off my head. Two years to go. Less than that!

Not in a great mood for the first post, anyway.
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