Epiphone: Les Paul Black Beauty

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dan ramP wrote on Aug 4th, 2008 11:08am

nice guitar, nice to see im not the only one to take the scratchplate of les pauls


Daniel8488 wrote on Sep 3rd, 2008 11:18pm

This is nice man, i was thinking of getting an agile that had a simaliar config to this (3 humbucker's) but it was in white with black hardware, im just wondering, is there much diffrence between the humbucker's when switching position, because i already have a pretty nice guitar (LP style, kinda) with only two humbucker's and if there isnt much tonal definition between them, i'd rather go get something else...

anyway's this is a really nice guitar, and it look's way better with out the pickgaurd, i cant stand them to be honest.


0GibsonLesPaul0 wrote on Dec 29th, 2008 2:11pm

the tripplle humbuckers make it look like eric clapton's signature les paul! lol


Wicked Darling wrote on Dec 30th, 2008 12:25am

It should be mentioned that this is named Laura, after me. If only I was as awesome as this.



Axeaman wrote on Nov 7th, 2009 4:03pm



HaistaPaska92 wrote on Dec 3rd, 2010 7:13pm

That's a gorgeous guitar. Call me crazy but I actually prefer my guitars to have the pickguards on them :P


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