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Friday, June 20, 2008

guitar survey

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guitar survey

///about YOU///

name: mike
age: 12
gender: im a dude
location: home :D

///about your GUITAR///

name (if you named it): i didnt name it
how long you've had it: like 2 month
it's gender (if it has one): none
color: black
brand: gibson
kind of guitar (bass, acoustic, electric): explorer
describe it's case: cool
color of pickguard (if it has one): white
///picks///: a black heart shaped pick
# picks u currently have: like 20
favorite color of pick: black
thin, medium, heavy/thick: medium
do u often lose your picks?: no
do u chew on your picks?: no
do u put them in your mouth?:: NO


favorite genre of music: punk
favorite volume 1-10 (for electric guitars): 10
fast or slow songs?: both
loud or quiet songs?: both
sad or angry songs?: both
happy or angry songs?: angry songs


are u in a band?: i dont want 1 now
if so, what is it called?: no
if not, do u want a band?: no,not now
do u like ur band if u have one?: JEEZ IM NOT IN A BAND
who is/would be in your band?: ......

///your LOVE///

how long have u been playing?: 2 months
how long do u wish to play?: a looooong time
do u really enjoy your instrument?: yep


have u ever bled because of a guitar?: no
has a string ever snapped and cut u?: yah
have u ever played so long that ur fingers bled?: sort of
study for a hard test tomorrow or play guitar till the sun comes up?: play guitar,screw school


if someone broke ur guitar, you would: cry forever
if someone broke ur amp, you would: kick his ass
if someone vandalized ur guitar, you would: kill him
if someone stole ur guitar, you would: look for it,find em,kill the dude,and take it back
if someone said guitarists sucked, you would: say"at least they have a life"


when u play for someone, u probably wear: black & white
what do u do when u play? (stand still, headbang, etc.

): i dunno
has anyone ever told u that u look stupid when u play?: no
do you look stupid when u play?: not really

///relationship problems///

does your guitar(s) get abused?: no
have u ever yelled at a guitar?: yes
have u ever smashed up ur guitar?: no,never

///closing words///

if your guitar could speak, it'd say: play me,PLAY ME!!!
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mondo248 wrote on Oct 5th, 2008 5:08pm

lol play me PLAY ME!


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