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Thursday, July 07, 2011


Current mood: rejuvenated

Hey there.  i literally haven't used this account in going on two years but within that crazy gap i started a band with my friends called Ready, Set, Rendezvous! and honestly I'm not sure if people still pay attention to this profile but if you do, I put up a couple of mp3's from our first EP on the band profile and it'd be really cool if you guys checked it out.

Oh and by the way, looking at my profile name now, makes me wonder what I was thinking then haha.  but i wasn't about to change it after i already have 4000 + profile views on this account.

thanks to whoever actually read this
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Albums of '09 (Revised)

Current mood: sore

It is now December and we are quickly approaching 2010, earlier in the year I posted a blog stating my favorite albums of the year, and now that the year is finally basically over, I can make my final descions.....

My picks are...

5. Congregation of the Damned- Atreyu

    Atreyu gained some popularity with 'Lead Sails', many fans of them lost respect for them with this record however because they "sold out", however it gained them many more new fans and they seemed to be doing well.  'Congregation' however had almost no advertising of any sort and its single, "Storm to Pass" was played next to nowhere and may have been released a bit too late.  They should of had more marketing for this album, and because they didn't, it didn't go over well on the charts.  But as it is, 'Congregation' is a solid, heavy, album and a slight return to Atreyu's roots at parts.  Hopefully they can return to their hardcore roots a bit more on a future release, 'till then, 'Congregation' will have to do.

Recommended Tracks: Gallows, Ravenous

4. the Resistance- MUSE

      MUSE is one of the biggest bands to ever breakout from the UK and they deserve that title.  They are known for their stunning live show (which I am DIEING to witness in person) and for being their very own electro, stadium-rock style that can only be described as MUSE.  While "the Resistance" is no "Absolution", it still is a fun, well written record.  It is more of a step away from "selling out" then anything and you must respect them for that.  And EVERYONE has to appreciate the composing skills of "the Exogenesis Symphony" which is a 3-part symphony describing an alternate theory of evolution and is marvellously well written. Leave it to MUSE.

Recommended Tracks: Uprising, Unnatural Selection

3. Cosmic Egg- Wolfmother

      Wolfmother impressed people and reviewers everywhere with their debut, self-titled release, being compared to the likes of classics such as, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, whether you see that as a good or bad thing, is up to you.  Wolfmother got into several issues after their first release and lots of touring however and it eventually led to the band's demise.  Andrew Stockdale (Vox/Guitar) however, vowed to keep the band's title alive and discovered 2 new members to replace Myles Heskett and Chris Ross and on top of that added guitarist Aiden Nemeth.  Andrew didn't let the drama and lineup change phase him however and stuck to that "Wolfmother
Sound" and people were generally not disappointed.  "Cosmic Egg" is a great album by a great band.  Thanks, Stockdale.

Recommended Tracks: Sundial, Cosmic Egg

2. Swoon- Silversun Pickups

         Earlier in the year I stated that "Swoon" could very well be the best of '09 and for the most part, I still stand by that.  'The Pickups' are a band that still has yet to be discovered by major labels and are an amazing new talent with an enchanting sound that could be compared to My Bloody Valentine, and the great Smashing Pumpkins.  They are beginning to be noticed at least and "Swoon" did much better on the charts then their debut release "Carnavas", mostly due to the success of their single "Panic Switch" which reached #1 on the alt. rock charts and nabbed them a Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist" which could be argued due to the length of time they have been around...but I'm not complaining and I'm sure they aren't either.  Silversun Pickups are great and are definately a force to be reckoned with that I believe will have much more releases that will blow people's minds in the future and you should check them out, and "Swoon" as soon as possible.

Recommended Tracks: It's Nice to Know You Work Alone, Sort Of

1. 21st Century Breakdown- Green Day

        My pick of '21cb' for best album of '09 stands.  Green Day have been ruling the charts since '94 with "Dookie" and aren't going anywhere just yet, especially after the release of "American Idiot".  '21cb' may not be as epic as 'AI' but still has some amazing tracks and is tearing through the public with it's arguable lyrics and still punk-driven songs.  It's a more confusing rock-opera then 'AI' which was more straight forward, but hey, the confusion just makes you listen to it and think about it more.  Applause goes to Green Day for making yet another amazing album.  You can't knock them for it not being quite as good as 'AI'. If it were, Billie Joe Armstrong would have to be a robot and definately not human.  Instead, he just took his time and wrote the best album he possibly could.  Here's to hoping for an album that can surpass 'AI'! We'll see...........

Recommended Tracks: Before the Lobotomy, East Jesus Nowhere

        I'd also like to add that one of the worst alubms of the year was "Raditude" by Weezer.  I love Weezer, but this album was MEGA disappointing and I wish they hadn't rushed this album out so soon after their last and took more time writing.  Better luck next time Weezer....

        Well everyone who bothered to read this, please feel free to add what you believe is the best album of the year.  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Talk to you later,

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Almost a Hiatus...

Current mood: down

My band, Little Green Men, if you have payed attention, has had a blog stating we would release music soon since March now and nothing was ever posted, and I apologize for that.  As much as I love playing music with those guys, lately I have gotten tired of waiting around doing nothing with the band.  I finally spoke to members and brothers, David and Mikey about getting serious with the band and they agreed, yet still, only our 2nd practice and they bailed.  Hopefully next week we will get on track and start accomplishing things but if not, I can't say I will enjoy being in the band any longer. If all goes well we will practice and until we have something recorded I will not put the band profile up again.  Either way, the band is on an indefinite hiatus...
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Best Album of '09...(So Far)

Current mood: inventive

Hey everybody!  Haven't blogged in a while so i decided to try it out again.  Tonight I'd like to ask the question, what do you think is the best album of '09?  I understand there is still time in the year to go for albums to be released so I will make another blog asking the same question in late December/early January, but as for now, which album is the best?!  In my opinion, its probably 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day, not even just because they are my favorite band, but just the fact it's a great record! It's either that or Swoon by Silversun Pickups in my opinion.  By the way, on the topic of Silversun Pickups, they are a great lesser known band and people should really pay more attention to them!  There first album, Carnavas, debuted around #80 on the Billboard 200, while their second album debuted at #7, what a jump! At least they are beginning to be noticed....check em out! But anywho, back to the main subject, please don't be shy! Post your answer on what album you think deserves the title of best album of '09!  C ya!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Current mood: eager

This Summer i figure i'm goin to a concert every month for 3 months in a row =D, that also means ill get to skip work a few days too, thats a bonus XP

Concert 1. June, 24th- Rise Against with Rancid, and Riverboat Gamblers

Concert 2. Sometime in July....GREEN DAY it'll b the best day of the year!! i subscribed to their online club, the idiot club =D, so i can get sweet seats, can't wait!!

Concert 3. August, 2nd- Mayhem Festival, the 3 bands i want to c r, Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, and All That Remains =D

Concert 4?. i MAY get to go to the Rock On The Range Tour in Ohio to c Avenged Sevenfold, Motley Crue, Shinedown and lots more, that would b great, it depends on a lot of things whether i go or not....

I rly need to start saving cash, the first 3 ill b going to fo-sho and i cant wait, itll b a great summer, if u guys r goin to any concerts this summer please post them in a comment, and have fun at all of em, i know i will!!  

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Current mood: sleepy

What would u say are the 3 people, bands, albums, movies, etc. that influence u as a musician?

For Me, My Biggest Influences Are, Billie Joe Armstrong for his awesome songwriting, Rivers Cuomo because I love his singing. And finally as cheesy as this sounds, The School Of Rock, (lol i know) because when i was a bit younger seeing that movie made me want to play the guitar, just seeing a group a kids playing like that really inspired me. 

So that's what influences me.  What influences you?
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Dream Setup

Current mood: uncomfortable

Everyone has their own set up that they'd die for.  Mine would be a Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Custom Junior , A Marshall Stack, My Scott Ian Black-13, My Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator, A Digitech Whammy! Pedal, an EVH custom flanger, a fancy microphone that doesnt give feedback (grrrr mic feed back), and a gibson les paul double-cutaway on backup.

A bit much I know, but hey a guy can dream right?!  Plus I already have 2 parts, please share ur dream set up!!!
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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Top 3 Fav Songs

Current mood: happy

My top 3 r..... 1. Holdiay-Green Day, 2. Perfect Situation-Weezer, Headspin- Rockstar: Supernova........please share ur favs! :wavey:
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Writing Solos

Current mood: conpuzzeled

Writing Solos has always been a real trouble for me and i was wondering if anyone had tips to write solos i mean writing songs is hard but im cabable of it and solos well :wtf:so if anyone has any ideas plz write
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