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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peace ug.

Current mood: like their could have been a happier ending.

I've really tired of people judging me because of how i look. Its really getting tiring having like 100 000 00 000 00 00 0000 000 000 people that dont know me either hating my guuts for like no apparent reason, or taking me for some like, person that wants to do everybody and being like, hey wanna send me naked pictures of yourself?
And so, im done man. This has gotten waaaay too fucking rediculous. To all of you people who have said retarted things about me... Thats not nice, at all. and im really tired of it. It's not just me, if you go around treating people like shit, and expecting to be treated like the fucken queen of england, you've got another thing commin man.
Itt's also not a good idea to treat people like alot of you have treated me, becasue you never know what someone is going through; never can you truely know eevery aspect of a person's life. IT's impossible. And one little thing on top of another adds up to a person having major, major problems with themselves. So, I hope you're happy, people that hate me. I dont know what i did to all of you, but you seem to REALLY hate me. so i'm done guys. 
I'm cool with people not liking me , you know; just that there is a line. There is a point where you have to think, is telling this girl to go kill herself going to upset her? If you did  ask yourselves that, maybe you thought that i was like, not a person or something. But hey, guess what. I am a person.  im just a kid man, with problems. Just like everybody else.  I was diagnosed with cancer about 2 months ago. And my mom just died of it in March. What else? I have to live with a guy who beats the shit out of me. There's alot more. Trust me. I didnt need you people telling me to go hang myself, because maybe that was already on my mind? Yeah. It was. Thanks for reinforcing me there guys.
Before you say it, i'm not being a martyr. But This is about all i can take of everything so i guess i'm finished with this and everything else. I really tried for so long to not let the world get the best of me. But i guess you win. Congrats. After i tried and tried to stop it, and let everyone know i was not in a state to be put down in, you all still did. so thanks again, that was some fierce competition eh? Funny, i dont remember ever putting any of you down. Guess offense isn't my best defense eh? Yeah.
I hope that by reading this you learn something about people. They can be fragile. Once you break them, they can never be put back together the same way. There will always be broken pieces, and pieces that are missing. If you read this whole thing, Thank you. this is what i leave you with.
-I just need it to stop.
-You need what to stop?
- I need everything to stop. People , Life.
- Hannah, what are you talking about?
- I'm talking about my life Mr.Porter.
All the world is a stage, they say.
Cut this scene.
I Quit.
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