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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Darker Side of Life

Here it is my new song. Special thanx to bassgirl121 who helped me out with it.  Hope u like it, please comment and please subscribe.

The Darker Side of Life

1st Verse: (Spoken)

How would you live your knowing you’re about to die

Would things change

If you knew it would be the last you saw the sun rise

That one feeling could change your entire world

But what if that’s what you wanted



My life drags on and on

I wonder if I’ll make it through this

How long is this going to last

Maybe I’m ready for the afterlife

At least now I’m not alone


2nd Verse

How would you face yourself knowing you'd soon be dead
What would you do
If you knew the eternal suffering is about to end
What if it's to soon
Its your  last chance
But what if thats what you wanted




3rd Verse

Don’t look back just run

Run far away

Escape from society

Forget about their lies

Leave the past alone

Forget about your past, just run


I'll update it later. Peace :p.

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