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myearshurt wrote on Sep 25th, 2008 1:22pm

Hey man, are you still interested in the MXR? I'm going to put it up for sale/trade again if not, let me know asap thanks


Wicked Rose wrote on Jul 19th, 2008 5:26am

Saw your post on the band member thread, I've got a bassist and I play guitar, I'm also in the process of finding a drummer. We're looking for another guitarist and a lead singer. Hopefully we can jam sometime. I live in jerra and I go to erindale college and the bassist lives near the school.


da-bahoo wrote on Jul 11th, 2008 3:21pm

i wish you goodluck on finding drummer and bassist (yer i saw ur post on the band member thread)


Daisy_Ramirez_ wrote on May 14th, 2008 11:39am

hey man.
what School do you go to?


Tuckers wrote on Dec 17th, 2007 10:40am

hey man what school and year are you at/in?

im at radford college in year 12 (2008)

- we should get together and have a jam sometime


Dimensionguitar wrote on Oct 22nd, 2007 8:35am

how it everything?


grobbo91a wrote on Oct 20th, 2007 2:04am

Lol, I forgot about Megadeth. I like them, but not as much as all those other bands...


.:Darkness:. wrote on Oct 15th, 2007 11:31am

Nice choice of music man, all my favorites (Except the greatest band of all time that you missed *Cough* megadeth *Cough*

Also great choice of tv shows and movies, all are my favorites as well.


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