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Friday, December 12, 2008

For Her

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I'm giving this to the girl i like...
For Her

When birds sing
during the sight of the Aurora Borealis
is how i feel
when i gaze upon Her smiling face,
laughing at some abstract,
emotionless comment from
someone in the peanut gallery.

Never will She come
to understand how the
vision of that brown,
perfectly executed hair
stays imprinted on the
never ending blackboard
that is my mind.

is for Her.

This is for all those
wasted years spent lurking
in the shadows of Her
seemingly endless social life.

This is for the
agony that She has
unknowingly caused my heart to
go through for the
past two years.
Agony I can never overcome,
but don't want to overcome.

is for Her.

This is for those
forty-five minute sessions
spent wishing they were longer,
knowing that a lifetime
would not be long enough
to open every door and
enter every hallway in the labyrinth of my soul.

This is for always
wanting to pour all my
heart and soul out at
every sound of her
voice or glimpse of
Her perfect figure,
which never seems to
be good enough for Her.

This is for the
countless occurrances of
having to jokingly tell
Her how perfect She is,
attempting to hide my
seriousness which apparently
everyone can see,
except the one
for whom they are intended.

This is for that word.
That ****ing four letter
word that eats away
at my entire mind, body,
and soul but never seems
to be full.

Those four letters
that flash through my eyes
in between visions of Her
every time I can catch a
glimpse, even of Her back.

This is for my one
and only chance to show
what i really think and
really want to say,
but never seem to be able to.

is for Her.
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