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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every Day

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Every Day

It's been a while since i've posted anything in here. I thank the American Educational System for that.  I wrote this about one of my ex's, who i am unsure of my feelings for.  For the record, I don't like the way i set this up in all four-line stanzas, but it seemed to work best that way. I'm unsure of the melody or style that this song will have right now. Any and all crit is appreciated. C4C, just give me the name or a link and i'll get back to you.

Hearing those tunes
Your heroine breaks me to pieces. -(referring to our songs: Hero Heroine-BLG and Pieces-Red)
Undressing the wound,
renewing the pain.

Fear of not heeding
the emotions i feel inside me,
flows in my veins,
won't go away.

Wishing you here
knowing that you are unable.
But maybe you are...
But maybe you are...

All this empty hope,
all these things i know,
keep me wondering
every day.

Could it ever be,
again you and me?
Hoping and praying
every day.

Reviewing those films,
Treasured memories are covered with Ice. -(Referring to two movies we watched together: National Treasure 2 and Ice Age)
Severing my soul.
Unleashing my hate.

Emotions are few.
Wondering "What am i doing?"
Should I let go,
or keep up the chase?

Thinking of why.
Whatever happened between us?
Did I ever know?
Did I ever know?

All this empty hope
all these things I know
keep me wondering
every day.

Could it ever be
again you and me?
None of this wishing
will go away.
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