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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Current mood: tired

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So yea, i haven't been on in a while, so i thought i'd share what's been going on in my life since i was last on which i'm pretty sure was just a little after the school year started for me which means it's been a couple months.  a lot happens in a couple months.  so basically my normal routine is:
wake up.
eat "breakfast" (not even half a bowl of cereal).
get dressed.
get diriven to skool cause i'm too young to do it myself.
attempt to sit through skool and not fall asleep every class.
ride the bus home.
eat cause that's what i do.
go in to my room and listen to all that remains for half an hour and fall asleep to them until dinner.
eat dinner.
while eating, get yelled at by mom and/or dad about something i'm not doing right.
mentally erase what i just got yelled at for so i can get on with my life.
wait for mom to leave so i can go play guitar.
play guitar after mom leaves.
watch tv.
listen to music.
remember that i have homework to do, then say "screw it, i'm not doin my homework, i'll do it tomorrow".
then fall asleep accomplishing nothing.
oh, and there's the occasional hockey practice/game cause i made my jv hockey team.
yea, so our band hasn't come out with anything yet, but we're planning on getting a lot of practice in with all the long holiday breaks comming up, so we should have at least one or two songs recorded and up after new years cause i got the lyrics and music, we just gotta practice it and record it.
so that's been my life.  if you mannaged to get all the way here good job, i award you 15 bagillion air points.  even though i know that no one WILL read this because i have 10 friends and none of them ever seem to look at this anyway.  so i basically posted this for nobody.  which is the story of my life.  aight.
pc out.
rock on.
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