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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Wounded Soal (or something along those lines)

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We now have two vocalists in my band, me (vocals/guitar) and just a vocalist who plays no instrument. I sing and scream, and our other guy mainly screams. So the verses mainly feature him, and the chorus features me. The lines in parentheses are sustained screams which are held throughout the stanza, and are screamed by me, while the rest of the stanza is screamed by our other guy. The verses are sung. I'm not so sure i like the title of this one, so please help. Sorry i've been such a delay. I hope you enjoy it. C4C, just leave me a link or the name and i'll get back to you.

(Worked for miles)
With nothing to gain
except length.

(Like everything)
Gave only weakness,
no strength.

(fading slowly)
into a place

with nearly,
no sunlight,
no hope at all.
And no way,
of hearing,
that crucial call.

Am I the only one
who has this nightmare?
Am I the only one
who cares for you?

Lungs are falling,
down the drain.
Is there nothing
I can do?

is lost in words
or evil.

(Cuts coming)
But you embrace
th pain.

(now you're feeling)
relaxed, no stress

with scars,
and blood,
no pain at all.
And lungs,
painted black
black as the hole.

Bridge (no lyrics, just different music, possibly a guitar solo)

Chorus x2

Outtro: (same melody as the chorus)
Please come back,
we want to help you.
Please come back,
you need to change.

Just don't make
my nightmares come true
I won't sing
10 Years Today

The chorus and outtro are more cliche and direct on purpose, I'm trying to reach out to a friend in need.
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