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Friday, September 26, 2008

An Unconcious Pain

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Well, every metal band has to have at least one really hardcore song on their album. This is that song. The verses are sung while the chorus is screamed. That's really all i have to say about this one. Hope you enjoy it. C4C. Just leave me a link and i'll get back to you.

Vs 1.
Whispers of a distant past
crawling in my veins.
Emotions that did not last
its not a one way train.

Equations have been left undone
written on the board.
Mistakes made by everyone
rotting from the core.

And for a moment
I seem to feel,
an unconscious pain
that seems so real.

It's hard to grasp
not hard to view,
the images
I have of you.

Vs 2.
Suddenly I realize
we're better off apart.
No tears come into my eyes
the pain escapes my heart.

The final flower's been picked away
browning in the stem.
Finding only one thing to say:
what a way to end.

Bridge. (more melodic and less intense, guitar is possibly clean)
Out of this place
I'm finally free.
Look at this face
full of irony.

No apology
will be spoken.
Who gives a shit
if your heart is broken?

And for a moment,
I seem to feel,
an unconscious pain
that seems so real

It's hard to grasp,
not hard to view,
the images
i have of you.

Repeat Vs 2. Music ends shortly after
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