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Friday, December 12, 2008

For Her

I'm giving this to the girl i like...
For Her

When birds sing
during the sight of the Aurora Borealis
is how i feel
when i gaze upon Her smiling face,
laughing at some abstract,
emotionless comment from
someone in the peanut gallery.

Never will She come
to understand how the
vision of that brown,
perfectly executed hair
stays imprinted on the
never ending blackboard
that is my mind.

is for Her.

This is for all those
wasted years spent lurking
in the shadows of Her
seemingly endless social life.

This is for the
agony that She has
unknowingly caused my heart to
go through for the
past two years.
Agony I can never overcome,
but don't want to overcome.

is for Her.

This is for those
forty-five minute sessions
spent wishing they were longer,
knowing that a lifetime
would not be long enough
to open every door and
enter every hallway in the labyrinth of my soul.

This is for always
wanting to pour all my
heart and soul out at
every sound of her
voice or glimpse of
Her perfect figure,
which never seems to
be good enough for Her.

This is for the
countless occurrances of
having to jokingly tell
Her how perfect She is,
attempting to hide my
seriousness which apparently
everyone can see,
except the one
for whom they are intended.

This is for that word.
That ****ing four letter
word that eats away
at my entire mind, body,
and soul but never seems
to be full.

Those four letters
that flash through my eyes
in between visions of Her
every time I can catch a
glimpse, even of Her back.

This is for my one
and only chance to show
what i really think and
really want to say,
but never seem to be able to.

is for Her.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Every Day

Every Day

It's been a while since i've posted anything in here. I thank the American Educational System for that.  I wrote this about one of my ex's, who i am unsure of my feelings for.  For the record, I don't like the way i set this up in all four-line stanzas, but it seemed to work best that way. I'm unsure of the melody or style that this song will have right now. Any and all crit is appreciated. C4C, just give me the name or a link and i'll get back to you.

Hearing those tunes
Your heroine breaks me to pieces. -(referring to our songs: Hero Heroine-BLG and Pieces-Red)
Undressing the wound,
renewing the pain.

Fear of not heeding
the emotions i feel inside me,
flows in my veins,
won't go away.

Wishing you here
knowing that you are unable.
But maybe you are...
But maybe you are...

All this empty hope,
all these things i know,
keep me wondering
every day.

Could it ever be,
again you and me?
Hoping and praying
every day.

Reviewing those films,
Treasured memories are covered with Ice. -(Referring to two movies we watched together: National Treasure 2 and Ice Age)
Severing my soul.
Unleashing my hate.

Emotions are few.
Wondering "What am i doing?"
Should I let go,
or keep up the chase?

Thinking of why.
Whatever happened between us?
Did I ever know?
Did I ever know?

All this empty hope
all these things I know
keep me wondering
every day.

Could it ever be
again you and me?
None of this wishing
will go away.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Current mood: tired

So yea, i haven't been on in a while, so i thought i'd share what's been going on in my life since i was last on which i'm pretty sure was just a little after the school year started for me which means it's been a couple months.  a lot happens in a couple months.  so basically my normal routine is:
wake up.
eat "breakfast" (not even half a bowl of cereal).
get dressed.
get diriven to skool cause i'm too young to do it myself.
attempt to sit through skool and not fall asleep every class.
ride the bus home.
eat cause that's what i do.
go in to my room and listen to all that remains for half an hour and fall asleep to them until dinner.
eat dinner.
while eating, get yelled at by mom and/or dad about something i'm not doing right.
mentally erase what i just got yelled at for so i can get on with my life.
wait for mom to leave so i can go play guitar.
play guitar after mom leaves.
watch tv.
listen to music.
remember that i have homework to do, then say "screw it, i'm not doin my homework, i'll do it tomorrow".
then fall asleep accomplishing nothing.
oh, and there's the occasional hockey practice/game cause i made my jv hockey team.
yea, so our band hasn't come out with anything yet, but we're planning on getting a lot of practice in with all the long holiday breaks comming up, so we should have at least one or two songs recorded and up after new years cause i got the lyrics and music, we just gotta practice it and record it.
so that's been my life.  if you mannaged to get all the way here good job, i award you 15 bagillion air points.  even though i know that no one WILL read this because i have 10 friends and none of them ever seem to look at this anyway.  so i basically posted this for nobody.  which is the story of my life.  aight.
pc out.
rock on.
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You Wounded Soal (or something along those lines)

We now have two vocalists in my band, me (vocals/guitar) and just a vocalist who plays no instrument. I sing and scream, and our other guy mainly screams. So the verses mainly feature him, and the chorus features me. The lines in parentheses are sustained screams which are held throughout the stanza, and are screamed by me, while the rest of the stanza is screamed by our other guy. The verses are sung. I'm not so sure i like the title of this one, so please help. Sorry i've been such a delay. I hope you enjoy it. C4C, just leave me a link or the name and i'll get back to you.

(Worked for miles)
With nothing to gain
except length.

(Like everything)
Gave only weakness,
no strength.

(fading slowly)
into a place

with nearly,
no sunlight,
no hope at all.
And no way,
of hearing,
that crucial call.

Am I the only one
who has this nightmare?
Am I the only one
who cares for you?

Lungs are falling,
down the drain.
Is there nothing
I can do?

is lost in words
or evil.

(Cuts coming)
But you embrace
th pain.

(now you're feeling)
relaxed, no stress

with scars,
and blood,
no pain at all.
And lungs,
painted black
black as the hole.

Bridge (no lyrics, just different music, possibly a guitar solo)

Chorus x2

Outtro: (same melody as the chorus)
Please come back,
we want to help you.
Please come back,
you need to change.

Just don't make
my nightmares come true
I won't sing
10 Years Today

The chorus and outtro are more cliche and direct on purpose, I'm trying to reach out to a friend in need.
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Friday, September 26, 2008

An Unconcious Pain

Well, every metal band has to have at least one really hardcore song on their album. This is that song. The verses are sung while the chorus is screamed. That's really all i have to say about this one. Hope you enjoy it. C4C. Just leave me a link and i'll get back to you.

Vs 1.
Whispers of a distant past
crawling in my veins.
Emotions that did not last
its not a one way train.

Equations have been left undone
written on the board.
Mistakes made by everyone
rotting from the core.

And for a moment
I seem to feel,
an unconscious pain
that seems so real.

It's hard to grasp
not hard to view,
the images
I have of you.

Vs 2.
Suddenly I realize
we're better off apart.
No tears come into my eyes
the pain escapes my heart.

The final flower's been picked away
browning in the stem.
Finding only one thing to say:
what a way to end.

Bridge. (more melodic and less intense, guitar is possibly clean)
Out of this place
I'm finally free.
Look at this face
full of irony.

No apology
will be spoken.
Who gives a shit
if your heart is broken?

And for a moment,
I seem to feel,
an unconscious pain
that seems so real

It's hard to grasp,
not hard to view,
the images
i have of you.

Repeat Vs 2. Music ends shortly after
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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Some Things Last Forever

Current mood: eh...

I came up with this song during ela which is probably the one class that i should actually be paying attention in. Anyway, this basically has the same theme as A Tribute To Her, and in fact may entirely replace the song. This song is meant more for the music, so there aren't too many lyrics. In fact, there's about a minute to a minute and a half of playing before the lyrics kick in. Anyway, here's the song.

Adversary to my heart.
Condemned to not being apart
as I see you,
my secondary soal.

Like the blue waves of oceans,
our love is always in motion
to be beautiful
we'll never be too old.

Some things last forever,
but still others don't.
The sparks don't fly.
The ignition doesn't go.

Out of nowhere
the car stops moving.
Only hatred, nothing soothing
Oh, how I don't want you to go.

(A lot of music and soloing. Chorus is sung again in the background of the music, probably with a phaser effect on the vocals)
(Is it sang or sung? I have no idea. Anyway, back to the song.)

Now I hate
the taste of sea. << going back to the waves of the ocean simile
We have to end:
you and me.

After this,
there's one thing to remember:
some things,
some things last forever.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Current mood: accomplished

Ok, so this is my newest song, i made it to go along with these sick death metal riffs that our other guitarist made up. It kinda leads into the rest of the cd, which is why it ends the way it does. Both the verses and the outtro are screamed while the chorus is sung. Kinda like a Bullet for my Valentine thing. C4C. I'll square up with you, just leave a link of the song you want me to look at. Anyway, here it goes.

Verse 1:
Pain and death,
are normal sights.
Life is vain,
but you have no knife.

Heat and gas,
are ways to go.
But when you will,
no one knows.

Beautiful hate,
is what caused this.
What did we do?
What did we miss?

From one man, six
million lives were lost
in the killing spree
called the holocaust

Verse 2:
is what they did.
parents from kids.

It messed us up.
Our minds were screwed.
Because they hate
us ****in' jews.

And ignorance,
also caused this.
What did we do?
What did we miss?

From one man, six
million lives were lost
in the killing spree
called the holocaust

Guitar Solo
Bass Solo


It goes to show
what power does.
It makes you think
you're the best there was.

But no one learned
a ****in' thing.
If you're not mad,
you're not listening.

I kinda got the last two lines from the quote in my about me section. It just seemed to fit. Its going to be the first song on our cd cause it kinda shows what we're aiming for. Any and all crit is appreciated. I like being critted, so don't hold back if you hated it.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Story of a Broken Boy

Ok i changed my mind about posponing the writing of this song.  I was too far along to stop.  I like this one much better than my last two.  It uses metaphors and, in my opinion, tells the best story.  Anyway, here it goes:
This is the story,
of a broken home.
This is the story,
of broken bones.
This is the story,
of broken toys.
This is the story,
of a broken boy.

Verse 1: (my least favorite of the three)
The blood stained walls,
are closing in.
He screams out loud,
but no one's listenin'.

The screams he hears,
rattle his insides.
No one seems to care,
Every time he cries.

They have made him learn,
just to keep it in.
Cause it seems that no one cares,
or gives a damn about him.

But no one can see,
the thoughts inside his head.
He's walking around,
Wishing they were dead.

And nobody cares,
about him at all.
That carelesness will, (sorry for spelling)
become their downfall.

Verse 2:
A grenade walks through,
the hallways of the house.
It's contents trapped inside,
'till they come bursting out.

And no one pays heed,
to the danger they are in.
They just ignore it,
won't even look at him.

But he doesn't know,
winning is not his strength.
it wasn't meant to be,
his life long in length...

And no one can see,
the thoughts inside his head.
He's walking around,
wishing they were dead.

And nobody cares,
about him at all.
That carelesness will, (sorry, again. lol i could even be right, i don't even know)
Become his downfall.

Bridge: (singing is in the background of the riff, a little hard to hear)
Thoughts in his head...

Nobody cares...
at all...
his downfall...

Verse 3: (my favorite)
It's pressure is building,
It's almost done.
They're about to be,
where what shines ain't sun.<is that a bad line? i can easily replace it im just not sure

He bids his time,
to release this fate.
Picks the hour,
that the walls will finally break.

As Death closes in,
getting so near,
he says "goodbye,"
not shedding one tear. (pause in singing and all background noise)

(half whispered, half sung)
he laughs.

Chorus: (changed)
No one will ever see,
what went on inside his head.
He got his wish,
they were finally dead.

His eyes left open,
were staring into space.
The image of his last smile,
still seen on his face.
(riff ends shortly after "face")

Any crit is appreciated.  Also, i could use some ideas for a title.  Thx.
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